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Sally’s Slate

proud godmother

This Saturday afternoon was spent doing one of my favorite things, spending it with our best friends.  With our two boys and their three kids, we rarely get a free Saturday or Sunday to do it and it just so happened that the Hawkeyes were playing on a day none of the kids were busy so we met up for lunch and football at their house.

Their daughter Sally is my Goddaughter.  She is eleven, (well just about) and the only girl in this gaggle of boys we have together.  Today she decided that she wanted to have her own blog.  Apparently, “all the girls her age have one these days.” Her parents came up with some restrictions for her and together we came up with a name for it.  Sally’s Slate.  Her motto, “Start each day with a clean slate.”  She hasn’t decided on the direction she will take the blog.  For now, she’s just going to write about “stuff.”  I told her that I’d share it on my blog.  Hope she’s inspired to write all of the time.  It will be a fun way for me to keep up with her busy life!

Good for you Sal!  I am proud of you! ❤

College Football


Today is opening day for college football and our family cheers on The Iowa Hawkeyes!  How did a New Jersey family wind up as Iowa fans you might wonder!?!?  A friend of Dave’s went to college in Iowa and got hooked and he reeled Dave right in.  We’ve been following the Hawkeyes for over twenty years now.  For years, we’d meet up every weekend to watch the games.  All of us owned special football packages so that we could get the games on television.  His friend’s brother is also a fan so we rotated between the three homes to watch the games.  All of our kids are huge fans as well.

Then, the kids grew up and life got in the way.  It has been a long time since we got together to watch a game.  Probably since last year around this time!  A few days ago, when DJ realized that there was a game this weekend and that none of the kids had any of their own games because of the holiday weekend, he took it upon himself to text my best friend Kelly – who just happens to be married to Dave’s friend –  and we finally made it happen. 

We live so close to each other, less than fifteen minutes away, but it has been months since both of our families got together.  We have all seen each other here and there, but for months none of us were all of us were able to get together in the same place at the same time.  Other than the fact that DJ has grown about a foot and could drive himself there, not much has changed.  We all fell back into our regular Hawkeye routine. 

Sadly, we know it won’t last.  Sports start up for everyone next week and between all of the kids, there is not much of a chance of a Saturday being free.  If we do get lucky and it does happen, you can be sure that we will make the time.  At least I’ll know that DJ will be on top of it!