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It’s Complicated

dr seuss complicated

Today is one of those days where I am finding a hard time finding something to write about.

So instead I decided to write about something that makes me laugh every time I see one of them– and the best part is, is that Dave and my boys all laugh too!  Something all of us actually have in common, (and lately that does not seem to happen very often).  It is just a series of commercials –  those AT & T’s, “It’s Complicated”, ones with the little kids.

I love how the kids just go on and on totally unscripted and Bruce Beck, the actor, sits there with a straight face.  We laugh every time, no matter how often we see one of them!

I am lucky; I get to see this side of kids everyday in my job.  Their honesty, their innocence their openness…they are funny without even trying to be.  The commercials remind me a bit of that old show, Kids Say the Darndest Things, with Bill Cosby which I remember loving when I was younger.

If you haven’t seen one of the commercials, try Googling it.  I guarantee it will make you smile.