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As I sit here, running out of time before it is too late to write my blog, I tried to come up with something to write about.  I thought about my day and realized that I spent most of it laughing.  That is when I found this quote by EE Cummings.

There was nothing in particular that made it an extra special day, I am just lucky enough to work with people who make me laugh on a daily basis and today was just one of those days where we laughed more than usual and it just made me happy.

A day truly would be wasted without laughter.  I am grateful because I get to laugh on a daily basis 🙂



A friend of mine posted this quote on Facebook and I have been thinking about it all day,

“Laughter is a smile with the volume turned up!” Unknown

Laughter really is the best medicine.  I feel so great after spending time with people who make me laugh.  People who make me smile and bring joy to my life.  Kids are a big part of that.  My class makes me laugh out loud on a daily basis.  Some of my favorite parts of my days are spent with my Kindergarten co-workers as we laugh our way through lunch.

On those days that are marked with negativity, or start out on a bad note, I find myself having a hard time pulling myself out of that “funk” but once I find that joy – that thing that can make me laugh, it can totally turn my day around.

Today, while looking for a quote to add to my blog that was about laughter, I found so many, that I was having trouble deciding which to use, so I decided to share a few and hopefully give a few laughs to you.  Maybe if you aren’t having the greatest day, it can be what you need to turn yours around too.

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April Fool’s Day


April Fools Day  is widely recognized as a day when people play practical jokes, tricks and hoaxes on each other.

In Kindergarten, April Fool’s Day can make for quite an interesting day!  The kids love to play tricks on each other and on me, and I tell them that as long as the tricks are in good fun, there is no meanness involved and that no one gets carried away, it is acceptable for the day.   Some people might be surprised that I’d choose to write about playing jokes or pranks on others in a kindness blog but if it is all done with humor and in good spirit, in the hopes to make someone laugh, then I think that is the epitome of kindness.   None of those children were doing anything to upset one another.  They wanted to make each other laugh.   The children were not laughing AT each other, but WITH one another.  I actually find it to be a fun, creative day for the kids.  A chance for them to be silly, to come up with creative jokes and to interact with one another.

April Fool’s Day can actually turn into a teachable moment.  A way to teach kids appropriate ways to pull harmless pranks, be silly, and enjoy themselves.  When children learn how to find the right balance of silliness without hurting anyone’s feelings, they  are likely to build strong social skills in the process.