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Back at it!

baseball rain

Despite the weather, baseball season has started up again~

Drew and I went to the Mets game on Friday night, in the rain and sat in 38 degree weather soaking wet and freezing!  It got so cold at one point, that I went into the bathroom and wrapped my frosty feet in paper towels before stuffing them back into my boots.   We sat there in our seats shivering but not wanting to leave after our long commute into Citi Field.  We held out until the end of the 7th inning and decided to head out so that we wouldn’t have to wait long for our train.  No such luck.  The LIRR was delayed and we stood at the station, hopping around trying to warm our feet and bodies.

Despite the miserable cold, wet weather, we had a good time, and now we have a story to remember for years to come.  Plus we got to see two home runs by Lucas Duda!!  It was nice to have a night with just Drew hanging out together and just “catching up.”  Sure we see each other everyday, but with his busy schedule and mine we don’t have a lot of quality time.  The hour -plus train ride, “forced” us to have some down time together and it was worth every minute of that soggy, cold night.

This weekend was supposed to be opening day for Drew’s baseball team and although the sun was shining, the fields were still soaked after this long, snowy winter.  All games were canceled to the disappointment of Drew.  Today, it is rainy and cold again and up until twenty minutes ago, games were on.  Drew was all dressed, fed and ready to go!  He made me take a picture of him in his new uniform and got his bag all packed up.  Then, the email came in.  Game canceled.  Now he is moping up in his room angry and disappointed.

It is a long season.  Lots of games are scheduled and I am sure there will be a point where we are hoping for a night off.  Now…if we could only just get started!

Opening Day

opening day

Today is opening day for our beloved New York Mets.  We always say that it is not so easy being a Mets Fan, but it sure does build character!!!  They haven’t had a great season in so long!  But…we are not fair weather fans so we will stick by them. We always do.

Last week, my brother Tim asked us if he could take Drew to the game.  Here is where being a teacher and being a parent conflict.  My mom side said, “Absolutely!  How exciting for him!!”  My teacher side said, “Absolutely not!  He can not miss school for a baseball game!”  I debated with myself all weekend over it.  He is doing very well in school right now so missing a day, as long as he made up all the work couldn’t really hurt, BUT, he missed two days of school at the beginning of the month when he was sick.  I went back and forth over it but finally decided to give in and let him go.  Opening Day only comes once a year, and actually getting tickets to the game wasn’t going to happen often.  Too bad they had to see them lose.  Such a disappointing way to start the season but I still hope that this will be one of those special days he remembers forever, despite it being a loss.

A bunch of teachers at school are Mets fans so there was a bit of camaraderie at work today with all of us excited for the season to begin.  Even my class knows how much I enjoy baseball.  The best part of my day, was when one of my students came in with a gift bag for me.  I opened the card and it read, “Happy Baseball.”  Inside the bag was an awesome New York Mets tee-shirt for me!  I can’t wait to wear it and show off my New York Mets Pride!

Play Ball!!

lets go mets