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love makes the world go round

This morning, our coaching group started up again.  It has been about a month since we all got together but the holidays and craziness of December kept us from finding the time. We are back to our weekly meetings and off to a fresh start.  When this group began, the intent was that it go for six weeks.  Eleven MONTHS later, we are still together.  We are a support group for each other.  We have all gone through some difficult things over the last year and have found it a forum where we can vent, cry, shout, complain – just be real with each other.   Getting back together after a month apart from them made me realize just how much I need this group – these women – in my life.

Our leader Tammy, is the one who got me involved in the group. She is truly amazing. Throughout her life, she has dealt with her own personal demons, yet has been a pillar to all of us and has been a huge cheerleader for me and my blog.  She herself is an incredible writer.  Her blog, Life Stories, is gut wrenching at times but she is honest and writes completely from the heart.  She has gotten all of us to face our own fears and do things we never thought we were capable of.

A perfect example of this came with Kim, one of these amazing women.  She has been writing since she was a child.  She began sharing some of the things she writes with us and for months we tried to encourage her to start a blog and share them with others.  I love reading what she has to say and although it took months of pleading with her, she began writing her blog, How to Overthink Almost Everything.

Today, at our session, we talked about how far we all have come in the months we have been together and how much we all still need to do.  We talked everything we went through last year, the good and the bad.  For 2014, we decided that we would focus on positive changes for ourselves.  The word we are going to focus on this week is LOVE.   Tammy and I both wrote for Five Minute Friday yesterday and she was inspired by the “one word theme.”  We are going to take more than five minutes to focus on it, but LOVE is the word and I think it is a great way to start off the year.  Love for family and friends.  Love for our career, love in all areas… but most importantly love for OURSELVES.  What better way to start off the year.

Life Coach


Over the last six weeks, I have been attending a class on Saturdays.  The best way I can describe the class is as a “life coaching group”.  I really did not know what to expect when I started.  I knew that we would be doing a lot of journaling, which is what I was most interested in since I had just begun this blog.  I thought that it was going to help me become a better and more inspiring writer.  At the time, I did not know who was going to be in the class or what we were really going to be focusing on, but I thought that it was going to be a good step for me.

Six weeks later, I can honestly say, that as I leave the class each week, I do so with new perspectives, clearer decisions and ideas of what I need to be working on to get through any fears or obstacles I might be facing.  I am discovering changes I need to make in my life, and although I might be taking baby steps, I am finding ways that I can make those changes.  We focus a lot on gratitude and disappointment and how they play such an important part in our lives.

Our group is comprised of seven women, which includes our coach.  I knew five of the women prior to starting, (although I did not know that they would be in this class before we began).  At first, I did not know if knowing these women was going to be awkward or uncomfortable for me but actually it has been quite the opposite.  I am so at ease with these women.  There is tremendous support and acceptance between all of us.   We share laughter and tears.  We joke that “what happens in group, stays in group”, and it really does.  There is a solidarity among all of us.  Each of us have something to contribute to the conversations.  We do not judge each other, we just listen and offer support, suggestions and validation to one another.  We console one another and show compassion.  Many of our sessions have involved tears but they have also been filled with laughter.  I feel like it is the best therapy that I could ever get.  They are my support group.

We all come from different backgrounds, but we are still a  group of like- minded women and that is creating a foundation for learning, inspiration and personal  growth. Each of us contributes and we sometimes sigh with relief when we realize we are not alone in our thinking, no matter how crazy we might think we might be!  We all have different issues that we are coming to the class with, but it turns out, that we all have a lot of similarities as well. This has helped me, (and I would think all of us), gain clarity, set goals and move through our fears.  We see our lives in different perspectives and in doing so, we are gaining the confidence we need to move forward and in the process, I have made a new circle of friends.