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Light Overpowers Darkness

Following along with yesterday’s blog about MLK and our white egg/brown egg experiment, today, my class met with their 4th grade reading buddies.  Once a week we meet and the children read to each other.  This week we changed things up a bit and I read a book to the two classes about Martin Luther King and then they worked with their buddies to come up with a way that they could create something great in our world.  Every pair of buddies came up with wonderful answers, but this one made my heart melt.


“Even though there’s darkness in the world, light can overcome it.”

It really could not be more clear.  If only everyone could think the way children do.  The world could be a pretty amazing place.

As soon as I read this, I knew it would be my blog for today.  The photo prompt was “On the Third.”  The only way I can relate the topic to my blog is this…today is the 3rd Friday of January.  There was no way I was skipping this beautiful message so it will have to do 🙂