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Memory File

picture memoriesI have been going through stacks of papers that need to be filed.  I recently wrote that I think I might be a bit of a hoarder, but with filing, I never know how long things should be kept and what is important to save or what should be thrown out.  Unfortunately, Dave isn’t a lot better at the filing so it has been piling up for awhile.  While going through the filing cabinet, I weeded out a lot of old things and reorganized my “system.”  I found folders for DJ and Drew.  I don’t save a lot of their stuff from school.  Worksheets get tossed, tests too.  I have saved some cute stories or artwork, that they created.  I found pictures of them from when they were little, (and I was better at filing things away where they belonged) and a bunch of stories DJ wrote in Kindergarten.  I got lost reading them and spent way too much time on those files but it was worth it.

Both boys were always writing about sports.  Playing sports, going to sporting events and their favorite players. In one of them from when he was in Kindergarten, DJ wrote that when he grows up, he wants to be “a professional hockey player or a kite flyer.”  I could not stop laughing at that one.  I think he’s flown a kite once.  I guess it left quite an impression on him!  His art work was filled with rainbows and pictures of his family.  Drew’s were all about sports, sports, sports and occasionally his teddy bear.

I didn’t save a lot.  Neither of the boys loved to write stories or do artwork, so there are not many treasures like those in the folder, but the few that I saved are priceless and I am glad that I haven’t opened up those folders in a while because they were like a gift today as I sifted through them.


Photos Capture Memories

life is like a camera

Yesterday on Facebook, I noticed a lot of people posting old photos and calling it, “Throwback Thursday.”  I don’t know how I missed that  – but I loved seeing all the old photos of friends of mine.  Of course, I had to share one of mine too!  Then, this morning, I received an email from Shutterflly, (where I order photo books from regularly,) saying their “photo book sale was on.”  Four times a year, I order a new photo book filled with photos from that season.  I have been taking photos for years and for the longest time, I’d have prints sent to me.  Those prints would pile up and I’d get stressed from all the clutter!!  Then I discovered photo books!!  They take some time to make but instead of prints, when I am done creating them, I have a beautifully bound book filled with all of my favorite memories from the season.  I sound like an advertisement for Shutterfly – but I truly love using their site to create these books.

Tonight, the boys are out with Dave at a hockey game and I am home alone so I decided to get together all of my Summer photos that have been filling up my desktop computer and begin working on the latest book.  Every time I create one, I realize why I take so many photos all of the time!!  I am sitting here alone, reliving the days of Summer right now.  Baseball games, days in New York City, time spent with friends and family, mom’s bench…the book is filled with memories of a happy summer.  I love all of the books that I have created, but this year’s Spring book wasn’t one of my favorites.  It was rather slim – not having a lot of pictures to fill it.  Spring was really tough for us this year and although we kept busy, I realized as I compiled those photos, that we really did not do a lot- or at least not a lot that I wanted to remember.   Summer was different.  We went out, we visited places and we enjoyed ourselves.  We even celebrated mom’s first birthday in heaven by releasing balloons.  I caught most of it through photos and now, those memories are captured forever.

Photos create memories.  As I go through them, I can go back in time and I get to remember just how significant all of those little moments were!

There’s Nothing Like a Visit With Old Friends

memories fun

I am sitting on the train for what should be a five hour ride. Plenty of time to think and reminisce about the weekend. What started out as a crazy, long, rainy ride down led to a fun, relaxing…(and exhausting at the same time), weekend!
Jen, her husband JP and their daughter Mary had flown in from a whirlwind vacation around Europe and since they landed in Newark, the kindly offered to let me ride down with them instead of taking the train down alone. The ride took longer than expected which gave Jen and me plenty of time to catch up on life! The insane rain storm made traffic slow down and Jen and JP, (who have witnessed typhoons), said it was some of the worst rain they had seen!
Jen has an exciting job that takes her all over the world for work. She has lived in so many exciting and interesting places. She has always offered an open invitation to visit, yet we’ve never taken advantage of it! Perhaps our next big get together will find us in some exotic, exciting place where she winds up living. That could be so much fun!
We arrived in Alexandria at Brooks’ home several hours later than anticipated, but she and her husband Mike, where both still up and waiting for us, ready to welcome us into their beautiful home. Jen and JP were staying in a hotel but Brooks’ kindly invited me to stay with them so we could spend more time together. We did not stay up too late that first evening. It had been a long day so she set me up in her beautiful guest room.
Brooks has always been quite the entertainer. “my room”, had fresh flowers and photos of us from my wedding in frames on the desktop. She even had our 1988 freshmen directory in there for me to look at! I do not even remember that from college, but of course Brooks had held into it and remembered to bring it out. I just love that about her! If it weren’t for her, I am sure a lot of these little reunions we’ve had wouldn’t have happened.
The next day we met up and headed off for lunch at an adorable restaurant called “Cheesetique”.  Yum! With cheese being my favorite food…what could be better?!? Jen met up with us there and we enjoyed such a delightful lunch! No children pulling on us or needing us to drive them somewhere. No time constraints…just a long leisurely lunch where we could catch up, and learn about what’s been going on. We shared family stories. We all knew each others’ parents and siblings from being together in school so it was really nice to hear what everyone has been up to.
The entire weekend seemed to be focused around eating, (another favorite thing if mine), so while at lunch, we got in touch with Deb and tried to decide where to go later on that evening. At first we decided to go to some of our old “hangout places” and after some discussion, we decided that none of us wanted to go somewhere where we’d have to yell above music or a crowd. Brooks’ husband, graciously offered to cook for all of us back at their home. What a feast he created! It was better than a restaurant. Amazing steaks, potatoes, salad, asparagus, wine and cheese appetizers… We couldn’t have asked for anything more or for better service, as he served us and did all of the dishes as well! Another leisurely spent meal, this time with Deb too, which made it even better. There was so much laughter and happiness, (and lack of responsibility), at the table, I almost felt like I was back in college for awhile!
We missed Mary Lynn a lot but knew that she was happily spending her birthday on a beautiful island so hopefully at our next get together she’ll be there.

After another great night sleep in that comfy, quiet bedroom, I woke up and had breakfast prepared for me by Mike!  It was really like I was on a mini-vacation for a few days.  A morning of shopping in quaint Old Town Alexandria with the girls, ended with lunch at The Chart House before heading to the train.

I needed this weekend away.  It was quick, but it was great and I appreciate them all so much for making my weekend away so much fun.  Love you girls!!!