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Love is…

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

25 years ago tonight, was the night Dave asked me to marry him. It was a Friday night. He drove 250 miles to Washington, DC, where I was in school at American University. I was a senior. We’d been together since high school so even though we were only 22, we thought nothing of how young we were. Nowadays, people remark on how we were crazy to have gotten engaged so young, and I am sure back then there were many who doubted that it would last, but here we are…all these years later and I am still in love with my best friend.

I guess I kind of knew it when we met even in high school. He became my best friend the day I met him. People joked with us about how funny it would be if Claire Gianni married Dave Sinclair – she’d be forever known as Claire Sinclair. We just laughed about it but sure enough, that’s who I am!

Since that day, we have never really done anything big for Valentine’s Day. I don’t like flowers, they never last long enough. Chocolate is always a treat but often Lent falls right around the same time and I always give it up so I can’t eat it. Sometimes we’ll go out to dinner but usually we keep it simple with just a card or a sweet message to each other.

This morning, Dave gave me a gift. After we promised NO gifts this year. It was a big bag filled with my favorite treats and sweets. Tea, kind bars, chocolate, cliff bars, caramel corn…all things I love. I guess after 25 years, he really does know me!



20 Years

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Today, Dave and I are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary.

August 14, 1993 was a beautiful day.  I was 23 and he was 22.  We met Senior year of high school and dated all through college.  Some people thought we were too young, but we just knew we were ready.  Dave had a secure job at the time and I was just about to begin my first teaching job.  We did not think there was any reason to wait.  We just knew it was the right time. We have been able to grow up together and experience our lives together.  Like any other couple, we have had ups and downs, but fortunately there have been many more ups than downs. There’s no secret for getting through the rough times.  I am just fortunate that I have been going through all of it, good and bad, happy and sad with my best friend by my side.

Our wedding day was such a spectacular day.  My parents provided us with the perfect fairy tale wedding.  No detail was left undone.   So many special people were a part of it.  Every now and then we will go back and look at photos from the day. I get a bit nostalgic when I see some of those people who are no longer with us, but I also feel grateful to know that so many of those people are still a big part of our lives.  Friends of ours still to this day rave about the reception.  The food, the music, the weather….overall it really was a perfect day.

But, that day was just the beginning.  Just our launching point.  The rest of it has been a journey… a trip that I never want to end.