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never give up

My sister told me about JoyJars today.  Her son Mikey, received one in the mail today.  I had never heard of JoyJars® before.  I found out that they are a great way to send a little joy to a child fighting cancer or other life-threatening condition.  Mikey has Mitochondrial disease.  Mito affects almost every part of the body causing less energy to sustain the body.  Mikey is 8 years old and has been through many treatments.  He is a happy kid, who is doing very well in school and despite all that he has gone through, he is a fighter and puts up with a lot.  Someone heard about his fight with mito and contacted someone at JoyJars and had a jar sent to him.

I did a little research to find out more about the jars and this is what I found:

JoyJars® were created by Jessica Joy Rees during her courageous 10 month fight with two brain tumors. Jessie used her JoyJars® to spread hope, joy and love to courageous kids across America fighting life altering medical illnesses. JoyJars® are stuffed with love and are:

  • 100% free to patients and hospitals
  • filled with new toys and activities
  • for boys and girls
  • for ages 18 and under

Her motto was “NEGU”, which stands for “Never Ever Give Up”.  What a great motto for everyone to follow.  This little girl was an inspiration for so many people and her joyjars can continue to make kids happy even when they are not feeling well.  The smile on Mikey’s face was proof of that!

The website offered many ways to help;  donating toys, purchasing tee-shirts and helping financially.

http://joyjars.negu.org/    Check it out when you have a moment.