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A Day in the City


Today was my annual trip into New York City for my eye doctor appointment.  Nine years ago I had Lasik eye surgery, (the best money I EVER spent) and now I continue to go to the same practice, even though it means going into the city for the appointment.  I don’t mind.  It actually gives me an excuse to go to the city.  There is so much to do in New York and we live so close yet we rarely take the opportunity to go there!

Last year, for my appointment,  I took the boys with me and while we were there, we did the All Star Game tour of the city.  This year, the boys were spending the day with our cousins so it was just Dave and me.  A date day! They boys left early this morning and still aren’t home.  Rarely is there a day where Dave and I are alone.  It is kind of a strange feeling!  A whole day with no work, no kids and no responsibilities!  I wasn’t exactly sure what to do or how to feel!!

My morning was so different than usual!  I took a morning Barre Class, came home, showered and ate breakfast before heading into the city. It felt so leisurely! I kept thinking there was somewhere I should be or something I needed to be doing!

Driving in NYC is not for the faint of heart!  Neither is walking on some days!!  Whenever we go, we prefer to take the forty minute train ride.  Then a quick subway trip uptown to 61st and Fifth which is right in the heart of the fashion district.  There is so much to see there!  I can’t afford to shop in any of the stores but browsing and people watching is almost as much fun!

Once again, I was overwhelmed by the city.  I love it so much but the homelessness leaves a pit in my stomach and the crowds tend to make me a bit claustrophobic!  Despite that, it was a gorgeous day so we walked around, just the two of us, (and a million strangers) and found a cute restaurant that our boys would NEVER agree to eat at, and had a nice, quiet lunch.

Since we weren’t on any time schedule, we walked the thirty blocks back to Penn Station.  We hopped back on a train to Maplewood and were back home before five o’clock.  Just a few hours away, but it almost felt like a vacation!  My summer job begins Monday so it was the perfect way to spend the day off!