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Happy Wedding Day

love is love

Early this evening, and throughout the day,  people gathered at town hall to witness the first day of marriage equality in New Jersey.  I know that I have written about it several times in my blog, but I feel so fortunate to live in this town.  I love that my children are old enough to realize how important this day is to so many people.  Growing up in a community and having friends with two moms or dads is not “abnormal.” It is a blessing.  My children know that as long as there is love in a relationship, that is all that matters.

I was not able to be at town hall in person today, but I have seen photos  from so many of my friends who were present for the celebration.  Seeing  photos of so many of my friends and neighbors who are sharing this day with one another, and with their families, has touched my heart.  I am so very happy for all of them.

Equal rights to marry who we love, should belong to all of us.  It is the way it should be.  Thank you New Jersey for finally realizing what so many have us have always known.