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The Snow Day

The blizzard that wasn’t.  The weather forecasters predicted close to 3 FEET of snow for today.  School let out early yesterday, was canceled for today and there was a state of emergency so everyone was ordered off the roads.  Even New Jersey Transit shut down!

We went to bed with batteries and flashlights nearby expecting power outages with winds expected at over 50 mph! We woke to about 6 inches of snow.  Powdery, soft, easy to shovel snow.  That’s it. I must say, I was actually slightly disappointed, although it did allow for easy removal and we weren’t snowed in for several days as was predicted.  I worked on report cards, made a big pot of potato leek soup and biscuits are going into the oven soon.  The plan was to stay in my pajamas all day long!

But…early in the afternoon, I got an email asking if I’d be able to take some sledding photos for our local website. Drew and his friends were already out sledding so I decided to venture out – I think EVERYONE in town thought the same thing.  Memorial Hill was packed with people, sleds, snowboards and innertubes.  The cold didn’t keep anyone inside!  I thought for sure that the photo prompt, Nourishment would be simple. I would just use one of the hundreds that I took on the hill.  The joy of those children nourished my soul.

As I was driving home from the park, I decided to pick up a special treat for Ruby, a little girl in my class who broke her leg on Sunday.  She was skiing with her family and has a terrible break.  She will be out of school for awhile and from what her mom told me, had been in a lot of pain. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Ruby but even more, about her mom who had to see her little girl in such pain!  Yesterday, our class made her cards and had them delivered to her by her sister and her mom told me how happy it made her.  I figured, even if I couldn’t see Ruby today, I could hope that this giant smiley face cookie might make her smile.

When I got to her house, I was so happy to see her. There she was, all bundled up, sitting in her wheelchair on her porch.  Her sisters had given her a big tray and filled it with snow, making her a tiny snowman to play with.  Since she couldn’t be out in the snow playing, they brought the snow to her.

That right there was my nourishment.  My heart was filled seeing that enormous smile on her face.  It made this day even more perfect.