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After a long, busy day in Kindergarten I just wanted to come home and go to bed!!  I forgot how hard it is getting up at 4:45 so that I can get in a four mile walk before school!  My friend and I do a four mile walk three days a week and if we don’t squeeze it in before school, it won’t get done at all.  Throughout the summer, we tried to keep up with the walking but we did not have to do it so early.

47 days ago I joined a Facebook group where we all “vowed” to run/walk/exercise every day for one hundred days.  I haven’t missed a day yet!!  The original idea of the group is called “One for One Hundred” and the idea was to run for at least one mile everyday for one hundred days.  I count a one hour kickboxing class as one of my “ones.”  If I don’t have an early morning walking partner on our off days, I will go by myself for at least thirty minutes.  If I do a run/walk – since I am not much of a runner, I can do three miles in under an hour.  This group has kept me so motivated.  I know that I’d probably skip a day here and there if I wasn’t committed to it. I don’t always get in a huge day of exercise for me, but just getting out there and moving is making me feel  healthier.  I am grateful to the girl who started it and I wonder if I will keep up the pace when it is over.  With the cold weather coming  it might be tough, but I will have to see what happens.

The exercise is definitely a boost to my energy level as well.  As I wrote earlier, I came home exhausted today after school and sat down on the couch.  I almost skipped the kickboxing class, knowing that I had already put in my four miles this morning but I forced myself to get up off the couch, get changed and go.  I am so glad I did.  That class always gives me a boost of energy so now, I can write my blog and finish up school work that I need to do.  If I hadn’t gone, I probably would have gotten into bed early and done none of it.  So I am grateful to all of the people who keep me motivated because it has definitely been good for me!