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Catching Up In Summer

one more episode

I guess if there is one thing I could say is an advantage of summer break, it would be catching up on everything.  I have read some books, went through files, organized closets and drawers and most recently, gotten hooked on a television show that everyone has been talking about. Orange is the New Black.

I am not sure if this is a good thing or not.  I have two seasons to catch up on and that is twenty-five, fifty minute episodes.  Although I love television, I am not one to sit in front of it for hours at a time.  I like to be busy.  I like to be active.  My mom used to tell me I had ants in my pants because I wouldn’t sit still.  I am still that way.  Yet, I watched one episode and got reeled in.  I knew this would be a show that Dave would like to so I had him watch the first episode as well and now we are both addicted. Since Thursday,we have watched ten episodes.  Nearly TEN hours of television!!! This is so unlike me.  There are so many other things I could should be doing.  With each episode I think, “if it is a bad one, I will stop watching.”  Instead, I am becoming engrossed in the story lines, the character development. The plot keeps getting better and better!  I am becoming an addict!  I don’t remember ever being so engrossed to a series and even then, I didn’t have Netflix so I couldn’t just sit and watch a marathon of episodes!  Being able to watch episode after episode without having to wait a week between each is awesome….or maybe a curse!

Dave and I promised each other that we would not watch episodes without each other so that we’d be in the same place. That makes it feel even more like an addiction, as I sit here waiting for him to get home from his soccer game just so we can watch at lease one before I go to bed.  My normal early bedtime has gotten later and later with each night!  I have plenty of days left during Summer Break, so I know I can catch up.  Then, I will watch it they way it was intended to be watched and just see one episode a week.  That I can handle.