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So Proud of You

proud of you

Last night my boys went to the NJ Devils game with my dad. When they got home, DJ said, “Drew, are you going to tell mom what you did at the game tonight?”  I replied, ‘Uhoh, what…” and DJ said, “No mom, it is good!”  We all laughed and Drew got embarrassed and told me this story,

You know how I always go up to the glass for warm ups?  Well, I went there tonight and I was hoping that a player would toss me a puck after practice.  There was this kid standing near me who had special needs and he was wearing a Toronto jersey.  He reminded me of that girl we saw at The Newark Bears Game.  That was the kind of special needs he was.  Well, he wanted a puck so badly but he didn’t get one and I guess he got tired of standing there because he and his dad went back to their seats.  Then, I got a puck and I went over and gave it to him instead of keeping it. The kid was so happy!  Later, the dad and the kid came over to our seats and thanked me.  At the end of the game, I went up to where the referees leave the ice and NJ, (the Devils mascot,) tossed me the game puck!

I was so proud I nearly cried.  DJ was just nodding his head the whole time telling me that really happened.  My dad told me how proud he was of him.  I had to share it – I was so filled with joy that he had done such a generous thing.  For anyone who knows him, he is a collector and giving up a puck was probably not the easiest thing for him!!  I shared the story on Facebook before I left for work this morning.  I got home this evening and found that there were just under 200 likes and almost 50 comments about it!  Comments saying others were going to pay it forward today after reading it.  Comments about how he is growing up into such a kind young man.  Comments about how Dave and I “must be doing something right!”

He and I just read the comments together and he is embarrassed – self-conscious perhaps, but I can tell he is pleased with himself.  It is so nice watching him grow into such a kind hearted boy.  Many of the comments mentioned “great parenting.”  I had great role models to follow, and now my children are following in those footsteps as well.  We talk all the time about how easy it is to do the right thing and last night, Drew demonstrated that perfectly.


Pay it forward challenge

pay it forward heart

Yesterday, a friend shared this on her Facebook page:

Pay it forward challenge:
Let’s have fun and spread some love:2014 pay it forward. The first 12 people to comment on this status will receive a surprise from me within the calendar year. There will be no warning of when it will happen and it can be a card, a gift, etc. The catch…Those 12 people must make the same offer in their FB status. Inbox me your address if you are far away. I will find you if you’re local or close by. Help spread some love!!

I loved it!  Of course, I shared immediately and got my first 12 people right away.  I have decided to go over twelve though.  Why not?  It doesn’t have to be expensive – in fact it doesn’t have to cost a thing.  If those 12 people shared, like they were supposed to….and each of their twelve share…well, you can imagine the kindness spreading!!

Some of the people that responded to my post are local and good friends of mine so it will be easy!  Others, I know casually but I will find a way to do it.  For those who don’t live close by, I will make it happen.  I have a whole year to do it.  12 people, 12 months?  It really couldn’t be easier!  If you haven’t seen it yourself already, try it.  Get the kindness rolling!



pay it forward drew

Today I am letting Drew help me write my blog.

He told me that today at his school there was a Monday morning gathering where the social workers handed out “Pay it Forward” bracelets.  Each student was given two of them.  They were told that one was for them to keep and the other was for them to give away AFTER they did a random act of kindness for another person.  The person they give it to has to do a RAK for another person and they will pass the bracelet on to that person.  The cycle should keep on going.

I asked him if they could only have two bracelets and he told me that was just to start it off.  He said that the goal is that you always have two on your arm because people should be doing RAK for each other all of the time.

I love the idea.  Especially at the middle school tween ages.  I hope that the idea takes off and it starts something wonderful.  How inspiring it could be for these kids to know that by doing even a little thing for someone else can change their attitude  – because even the simplest thing could have a huge impact on someone else.

pay it forward bracelet

An Inspirational Birthday!

burst of sunshine

I am so excited to write today’s blog because it is so inspirational and such a fun and easy idea!!  Today is my friend Eileen’s birthday.  She sent me a message today telling me that in honor of her birthday this is what she wanted to do,

“I want to spread joy today. I told my kids at school that I’d be doing some random acts of kindness for my birthday (when they asked.) I love the way I feel everyday, but especially on my birthday, so I really want to spread the happiness.”  

I think this is an amazing thing!!  Here are some of the things that she did to celebrate her day!   First, while she was running errands, she stopped at the post office. After buying what she needed, she bought  an extra pack of stamps and she gave them to an older man.  She said the man looked at her in a funny way,  but she just looked at him, smiled and said, “Have a great day!”

Then she went to CVS, and bought $2 CVS Gift Cards. She walked around the store, looking for people to give them to. The first person she found, was an elderly woman who smiled and thanked her; the second one was to a woman with had her hands full and also thanked her and gave her a smile. Meanwhile, as she was doing this, the clerk at the counter was smiling and asked her if she was just randomly handing out the gift cards to strangers. When she told him yes, he smiled and said, “Wow, that’s cool!”

After her CVS trip she went to Shop Rite! All she did was get a coffee, but she did it just so she could pay for the coffee of the woman behind her.  Eileen told me that the woman was almost in tears thanking her and that it made her feel so good!

She bought $1 scratch-off lottery tickets and plans to hand them out later in the week.  She is baking brownies for a friend who is battling Cancer and putting aside extras to bring to her nurses in the hospital.

She gave her son $20 to “spread some goodness” today in Newark where he works and is waiting to hear about his good deeds.

I told her how excited I was that she shared this idea with me.  I told her that I would love to share it on my blog and she told me that would be great.  She told me that she was so glad this was started today, on her birthday, but by no means will it end today!!

It was amazing how it took only a little bit of time and money to make so many people happy!  She told me that she was having the best birthday EVER!!  She said that my blog keeps her motivated to spread joy!  I told her that this birthday idea has inspired me to share it and let others see how easy it is to do!  It is her hope – and mine, that those people will now pay it forward.  Imagine if it keeps on growing!!  It could take over!!  Spreading good deeds rather than negativity…how nice a world we would have.

 So today, I say, thank you to Eileen for inspiring me!  I hope that this inspires others to do the same.  It could be so easy!

Inspired to Pay it Forward

pay it forward

Today, I received a message on facebook from a friend who knew that I’d be inspired by this story.  This is exactly what I am hoping for!!  I want people to share stories like this with me so that I can spread them as well on this blog.  Check out this wonderful random act of kindness project I read about on a really great website called Barista Kids:

Local Mom Inspires Kids to Do Random Acts of Kindness Through Her Non-Profit, Moore Love

by Kristen Kemp  |  Friday, Feb 08, 2013 11:30am


“I helped clean up 20 pounds of LEGOs my brother had dumped out in the living room tonight!”

“I was kind to my mom by cleaning the Tupperware so its easy to make lunch.”

“I shoveled my neighbors sidewalk all by myself. I also read a book to a dog.

Random acts of kindness are catching in West Orange in a real life Pay It Forward. Betsy Stephens, mom of two, is on a mission to make lemonade out of lemons. She tragically lost her sister Ella Moore, also a mom of two, to ovarian cancer in 2011 (see above). The trait that defined Ella was her incredible kindness, Betsy says. Ella believed it was easy to be nice, and wondered how great life could be if everyone would just be nice all of the time.

moore love

To keep Ella’s spirit going strong, Betsy created a non-profit organization called Moore Love. On Feb. 1, every student at Gregory Elementary School was given a card with a number on it that encouraged them to do something kind and then pass the card on to the recipient. The fun part is watching the niceness grow–most card numbers have multiple entries that are so heart-warming to read.

Moore Love

Kids–and their parents–can register the card at the Moore Love website and see how many people used it. So far, more than 100 acts of goodness have been logged from New Jersey to New York and all the way to Hawaii. See Sam, a Gregory student at left, writing a note to his friend in Seattle who is having a rough time. Local businesses are getting in on Moore Love by giving sweet kids special stickers and treats.

Gregory’s principal, Michele Thompson, was immediately on board with Betsy’s program, and parents from other places are asking if they can bring Moore Love to their schools, too. Betsy is thrilled: “My plan has always been to keep ‘passing it on’ by creating a program that could be easily replicated at multiple schools.”

Betsy adds, “I’m allowing Ella to continue do what she did best. She made the world a kinder place.”

Exactly the goal I have in mind myself!  I stress it all of the time… making the world a kinder place.  It is not that hard. We can do it!



mother theresa help others

A few days ago I came across a website called, Help Others, http://www.helpothers.org/  It is a website that is dedicated to spreading kindness.  Check out their site to find some really quick and simple ways that you can share kindness.  One of the things I liked most about the site were their SMILE CARDS.

Starting in September of 2003, smile cards began appearing all around the world. They are markers of a newfangled game of tag, where “you’re it” because someone has done something nice for you. Then it’s your turn to do something nice for someone else and, in the process, pass the card along. This is a game of pay-it-forward: anonymously make someone smile, leave behind a card asking them to keep the ripple going. It’s easy and fun. Is kindness truly contagious? There’s only one way to find out …

I decided to order myself a set of them and join in on the fun!  According to them, to date, 1,450,000 cards have been printed!  Mine should arrive soon, and I cannot wait to start using them and starting a new chain of kindness!