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Happy Mother’s Day

mother's day

Last year, Mother’s Day was a completely different kind of day for me.  I had been dreading it but this year, it is only 8 am and already, my Mother’s Day has been nearly perfect!  I got up early before the kids were awake and attempted a run/walk with the C25K program.  I haven’t been able to do it since I hurt my hip more than a week ago.  It wasn’t too bad!  My hip hurt a bit but nothing like it has been so perhaps I am on my way back to normal!

I got home and Dave had a few thoughtful gifts for me to open.  Then, Drew woke up and couldn’t wait to give me a gift he had chosen for me.  I opened up the gift bag he had stuffed with tissue paper.  Inside a found a “pearl necklace.”  He said there were earrings in there but they seem to have disappeared into the abyss of his bedroom.  He is sure he wrapped them, but told me not to worry because,  “they were only 99 cents.”  I told him it was fine and we could go get another pair.  I asked him where he got them and he said he couldn’t remember.  That seemed odd, so I looked at him quizzically and he said sheepishly, “the thrift store.”  I gave him a huge hug and jokingly said, “YOU ARE MY SON!”   He knows how much I love a good bargain and I love looking for great deals.  He couldn’t hold back his smile.

Then, the two of us made breakfast together.  Nothing fancy.  He rarely shows interest in cooking so it was never something he wanted to do.  He has never been a great eater either, although slowly he is expanding his palette and trying new things.  Right now it is scrambled eggs.  We whipped up a batch for the two of us and although it took less than fifteen minutes, we sat down, ate it together and it was the perfect Mother’s Day breakfast.

A little while later, DJ woke up and handed me a gift.  A gift certificate for a pedicure.  Another thing I love to treat myself to now and then.  These boys know me so well!  Even better was the Hallmark card he gave me along with it.  The front of it read, “Some people just make life better for everyone around them.”  That was even better and more meaningful than the gift!

This afternoon, we will go to my grandma’s house for lunch.  We are bringing food in so that no one has to do any cooking.  My almost 99 year old grandma, along with my sister, cousin and aunt will all celebrate being a mom today.  We will miss my mom but she will be there in our hearts and her spirit will be watching over us.  She is still very much a part of our lives and her traditions will continue to be passed along at all of our celebrations, big and small.

Feeling Extravagant

spoil yourself

This morning we woke up to beautiful weather.  FINALLY!  70 degrees out there and blue skies all around us.  It just feels luxurious!  A good day to spoil myself!  I started my day with a Barre class and a cardio sparring class.  Ballet and boxing!  So different and so much fun!  I usually get to one or two classes on Saturdays and I love it!  This morning, I even challenged myself to try something out of my comfort zone in class, a pike handstand ON the barre.  A few months ago, I would have never even imagined I’d be able to do something like that and today I did it!

I left class and headed into town for some pampering before we go away on our trip next week.  I started out at the local salon to see if I could make an appointment for next week with my favorite estetician for some waxing “maintenance”… which I sadly let fall to the wayside this winter.  Lucky me, she had a cancellation and I went right in! Plus, I still had a gift certificate from Christmas that I hadn’t used!

Then, I headed across the street for a pedicure to clean up my feet and get them ready for for flip-flop weather.  Not only did I get a great pedicure, but I was also treated to an amazing foot and leg massage and felt like I was being pampered!  I have had reflexology once before and I felt like I was getting it again.  It completely relaxed me.  Ahhhh.

I decided to splurge on lunch for Dave and me.  Both kids were at baseball, DJ umpiring, and Drew at practice before his game.  A great sushi lunch deal, so I picked a few favorites and brought it home.  We ate together in the living room just the two of us.  I took a nice long shower and we were off to Drew’s baseball game.  FINALLY  baseball was on.  We have been waiting for so long.  We sat there watching in the warmth of the sun which we have missed so much.  The game was tied and went into two extra innings.  Drew played catcher for 6 of those innings.  Sadly, it ended in a loss for them, but getting back out there felt so good not just for the players but for their fans.

Now, we are home.  Getting ready to go to a party for a soccer friend of Dave’s.  I have not done a stitch of school work today.  Haven’t even checked my school email yet.  I am relaxed and feeling great.  Spring really does bring out the best mood in people.

As I have been sitting here writing about all that I did today to spoil myself, I realize there are probably plenty of women who get to do this everyday.  To them I say, “Lucky you” but for me, I think it makes me feel more grateful for those days I do get like this.  They may be few and far between, but when they come around, they are awesome.