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St. Patrick’s Day

It was my mom’s favorite holiday. She would cook for everyone and every family member, Jewish, Catholic, Italian, Irish…we had them all, would show up for her corned beef and cabbage dinner. This year, St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday during Lent. Although the Catholic Church has offered dispensation, allowing Catholics to eat meat today, we are waiting until Sunday when we my dad and brothers get home from Florida to share our St. Patty’s Day dinner. 25 pounds of corned beef have already been ordered and my cousin, sister and I will head up to my grammy’s to cook that morning.

The photo prompts haven’t all been falling into categories to write about so I have strayed from them a bit but today’s is GREEN and there couldn’t be a better day to share some photos. St. Patrick’s Day in Kindergarten is always an exhausting adventure. Once again, that pesky little leprechaun showed up in our classroom making a mess wherever he went. He comes every year.  The magic of Kindergarten is part of the reason I enjoy teaching this grade so much. Yes, it is exhausting and draining sometimes but the look on their faces on days like these make it worth it.

The photos tell the story…


Front Door

Today’s word is BRIGHT but  since the weather has been so gloomy, I wasn’t able to get a great shot in the daylight. According to our Kindergarten calendar, we have only had 2 sunny school days all month!!

Tonight, while taking Emmy Lou for a walk, I noticed how bright and warm our house looked in the raw, wet, cold night and decided it would be the photo of the day. Black and white just made it look brighter – and you can’t see how badly it needs to be painted!

I know the Christmas wreath needs to come down…




Today’s word of the day is SHADOW. Here are ours in Providence, Rhode Island this afternoon. Not too hard to tell who belongs to which shadow!

Someone You Love

I had so many people to choose from for Day 12, SOMEONE YOU LOVE. I thought for sure that it would be Grammy, who comes home from the rehabilitation center after more than a month. She fractured her pelvis the day after Thanksgiving and has not been home since. We are headed there for a welcome home dinner this evening.

Then, while I was at school, I got the dreaded phone call I have feared since DJ got his license almost three years ago. He had been in a car accident on Route 22 – my least favorite road to drive on. Fortunately he is fine, so was his friend who was in the car and the elderly man and his wife who hit him. That is the most important thing. The car, which has some damage can be fixed.

So, today, the photo goes to DJ.



There is not one room in our home that does not have some type of sports equipment or memorabilia in it, so it wasn’t hard to get a photo for today’s word, SKATE. Drew is the only one who skates in our family and I could have used his roller blades or hockey skates but went with the ones in the den…because where else would you store your hockey skates…

Just to add some cuteness to the photo, I posed Emmy Lou along side one of them. She’s used to the chaos of our clutter so I don’t think it phased her at all!fullsizerender-9

Day 9 – Branches

img_2029eTruth – Not a photo I took on January 9, 2017. I missed yesterday. A meeting after school kept me in until after dark and I missed my opportunity to get a photo of branches. An evening meeting kept me from posting at all! So…here is day 9’s photo, (on Day 10)


Day 8 – COLD

Today’s photo challenge is COLD. My least favorite thing to be! I know I am not in the norm, but I will take a hot humid day over this frigid weather any time!! It reached a high of 20 degrees today. The next few days are going to be cold ones.

Here was a snow covered bush outside of Gram’s rehabilitation center.  She is due to come home this week!