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Pi Day

pi day bw

Sure, it happens every year.  March 14.  Pi Day. 3.14, but this year is a once in a century event. Today, at 9:26 and 53 seconds, people were snapping pictures of their watches, taking screen shots and posting them all over the internet.

3.141592653….the first 10 digits of Pi.  I am NOT a math genius – in fact so far from it! Perhaps they have me teaching Kindergarten for a reason?!!??!

This afternoon, someone in my chloe + isabel facebook group posted a photo of some of her jewelry in the shape of the Pi symbol.  After reading that today’s photo prompt was “Pi,”  I decided to use some of my own jewelry, two of my favorite c+i pieces, to create my own. Thank you Janet Bromagen.  A stranger connected through c+i.  You were my inspiration today.

If you haven’t already had a chance to visit my online boutique, check it out.  I am looking for locals to host a party and earn jewelry for free.  Or, shop online and let me know what you think!  Online parties are fun too and there’s not much better price than FREE!! http://www.chloeandisabel.com/boutique/clairesinclair#53324


lucky number

I am a sucker for lucky numbers, times and dates.  I always make a wish at 11:11 if I randomly notice it on a digital clock.  Yesterday, I just happened to look at my phone at 11:11 and since the date was 11/11, I sent my husband a text saying, “make a wish!”  I guess I figured if there was ever a time that it might just work, that would be the luckiest time to try it! Did anything different or magical happen to me?  Nope.  Nothing.  It never does.  Yet, I won’t stop doing it!!

Today, the sequential date was 11/12/13.  I keep hearing that this makes this a “lucky day.”  Being at the beginning of a century we have been able to experience one of these “lucky” dates a bunch of times, 1/2/03, 2/3/04, 3/4/05…..I am sure you get the idea… There’s only one more sequential date this century and that will happen on December 13 next year. That is unless we live outside of America where the dates are written in Military Time.  In those countries they will find December 11 as their lucky day!

So why do so many of us think that dates and numbers are lucky, or unique or magical?   There is Pi day celebrated each year on 3/14.  May 4th is a big day for Star Wars fans, “May the 4th be with you.”  One of my good friends was born on 7/7/70 so not surprisingly her lucky number is 7.   My “lucky” number is always changing.  For a long time it was #3, because my all time favorite hockey player, Ken Daneyko wore it on his jersey. Dave has two lucky numbers, #16 his birthday and #36 which was his badge number at work.  Are these numbers really lucky?  Not really, but they have a story behind them though and I guess that makes them special to us.

My favorite lucky number story just happened.  On my brother’s birthday last week, he told a friend that he was feeling very sad knowing that he’d never get another present from Francine.  He played the lottery with her birthday number,  031.  He won!!  $200.  Maybe for him, it really is a lucky number.  Even if it isn’t, he’s got a great story to tell.