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As kindergarten teachers, we often say that no one would really believe what goes on inside our classrooms and it would make a great reality/comedy show. Yesterday’s episode would have been titled, “Chaos!”

Thirty minutes before the end of the day the chaos began, with a wet floor in the class bathroom after one child missed the toilet. This caused the next child to  slip, but fortunately not land in it. I called for Mr. Leonel, our custodian who came with his big smile and took care of it for us.

Five minutes later, a child threw up right next to all of the coats somehow managing to not get a drop on them! Who ever thought that carpets were a good idea in a kindergarten classroom?? I got the child to the trash can and called for Mr. Leonel AGAIN. As he and Ms. Magnolia, (our other custodian) were pouring green sawdust –  which I have now named, “The Magic Germ Killer” – all over the carpet, they had a fascinated crowd of Kindergarteners watching their every move. While they were mesmerized by the custodians, I got all of the coats and backpacks to the other side of the room. They were quietly watching the vomit magically disappear when one screamed, “ANTS!!  Get the magic ant spray!” The focus was now off the vomit and on me. Ant spray to the rescue! We saved the ants from the vomit and instead of the aroma of vomit the air was filled with the scent of peppermint and eucalyptus. Crisis averted!

Yes, the throw up germ has reached my room. It happens almost every year right around this time. Right now, New Jersey is suffering from a Noro Virus outbreak and since it is spread in crowded, closed places through contaminated surfaces, it is no surprise that it has hit hard at our school.

Between that, strep throat and the flu, which all seem to be running through the school, there are a large number of students who are sick. One day this week, there were more than 25 students JUST in kindergarten who were absent! My class has been pretty healthy – until today, when five of them were out sick. Fortunately, we have the weekend to recover and air out the germs – I hope!!

Hand sanitizer, (or germ gel as we call it in Kindergarten) can’t kill the strain. Only hot water and soap seem to do the trick. Our custodians are working so hard trying to keep up with all of it! They deserve some sort of award – I don’t envy their job. As soon as the announcement calling for a custodian to the office is made – we know it has struck in another classroom. Yet I still see them with smiles on their faces! I don’t know how they do it! They deserve a huge THANK YOU!!

Daily announcements have been made on proper hand washing and the nurse has sent emails and letters home to remind everyone of “healthy precautions” and what warrants staying home from school, but trying to keep germs out of Kindergarten seems to be an impossible feat! Fortunately the oddly warm January weather has allowed us to open up some windows to let in some fresh air.

Hopefully this time it is short lived!

Here We Go Again


No photo for today’s blog.  The prompt was Miniature and although I got some photos, it has nothing to do with what I am writing about, so I am skipping them.

This morning started out normal.  I went to work, the boys went to school and Dave went to visit my dad at the rehab center. While he was there, he noticed that he just didn’t seem “right.” He was dozing off while eating and hardly ate anything at all.  The nurse took his temperature and it was 93 degrees.  They took it again, and then another nurse came in to take it.  Each time getting the same reading.  He was brought back to the hospital in an ambulance and Dave spent the next few hours with him in the Emergency Room.  My sister was with him for awhile.  He was wrapped in a heating blanket to bring his temperature back to normal – calling it hypothermia. Many tests have been done but no results yet.

He’s been admitted and we are all waiting to hear what is going on.  Hopefully we will get some results in the morning. He is now in a room just a few doors down from our Aunt Shirley who was also admitted last week.  Between the two of them, and my dad’s brother who was just released from a hospital in St.Martin after his own bout with pneumonia, it has been a long week for this family!!

Good News

where i stand

Where I Stand  – tonight’s photo prompt. This is a photo taken on my way into the hospital tonight to visit my dad.  Today we got good news.  His pneumonia is much better and he is off IV medication for it.  The bone scan came back clear and the “spot” they saw and were worried about is nothing of concern. He should be home by the end of the week.  Despite the bitter cold, the sunset tonight was breathtaking and I had to take this shot on my phone. Thank you for all your well wishes.  They worked!

Ice Storm

Blurred Backgrounds is the prompt for today.  Although I don’t like it much, snow and ice are some of my favorite things to photograph because they make for such beautiful photos. I was worried about having my camera out for too long today because of the frozen rain, but I still took a lot of them.  I have a bunch of favorites, including one that Drew took of my hair frozen into icicles. Since I didn’t actually take that photo though, I chose this one instead.


School was canceled again which gave Dave and me time to get ourselves up to the hospital to visit my dad.  He was just on his way out for a bone scan so we had a lunch “date” in the hospital cafeteria while we waited.  We stayed with dad for a few hours but still no results from the scan so we left because the roads were really getting unsafe.  He’s in good spirits and the antibiotics are working on his pneumonia which is a good thing.  Hopefully a few more days of healing at the hospital and he will be on his way home.


Heart, the photo prompt for today. It wasn’t easy getting a photo for this one on my phone.  I took one of the white board in my dad’s hospital that had a cute heart drawn on it – but didn’t love the shot.  I took this one too.  Don’t love it but it tells the story.

heart stuff

These are some monitors on my dad’s chest. He is still in the hospital. The good news is, dad’s heart seems healthy. The bad news is his lungs are filled with Pneumonia.  He is still on oxygen but his fever is down and his spirits are better.  He needs a few more tests and won’t be going home for at least a few more days.  It is probably best this way since another snow storm is heading our way and he’s being monitored and watched closely.

So….we will wait to hear what comes next.  I know he appreciates all your love and prayers.  So do we.