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What a difficult time we are going through.  Yesterday was the second funeral in one month that we attended for a family member.  On Tuesday, between the two wakes, we went back to my brother’s home and while we were there we turned on the television to find out the horrendous news of what happened in Boston.  Initially we were all stunned and shocked to see what happened.  We were all so sad to begin with and this news just seemed so senseless.  As more and more information came in, it just became so much more horrific. 

Questions kept running through my mind,

·       Why?

·       Where is the reasoning behind all of this?

·       Why do bad things happen to good people?

·       How will these families get past this?

I know how incredibly sad we all are right now and how difficult it has been for us.  Francine’s death was tragic and unexpected.  My mom had been ill and even still, her death came as a surprise to us.  No one is every ready.  I question why God allows things like this to happen.  In Francine’s eulogy, I said that God must have a plan. I wish I knew what it was. It does not make this any easier but how do we just move on from here?  Do we try to move on and become “normal” again?  Is there really any normal anymore?  Our children are seeing so much violence and no matter how much we try to protect them from it, I fear that they will become desensitized to it. 

Our family has received prayers and support of hundreds of people and that is getting us through it.  The victims of the tragedy in Boston are receiving prayers, well wishes and kind gestures from all over the world.  We can only hope that these prove to be reminders that there is more good in the world and we can overcome this senselessness and find a light in the midst of darkness.

In this difficult time, we need to look for what is good in our lives even in the midst of tragedy.  It seems like a very hard task but unfortunately good and bad exist everyday and we need to concentrate on the good.  Make positive choices and spend time with people that you love and care about.  Let them know how much they mean to you.  Unfortunately our family learned that life can change in an instant, and if we do not take the opportunity to live life to the fullest now, we might just lose out.



Last night, my dad and I sat and went through all of the mass cards, sympathy cards and flower cards that people have sent over the last week.  Tonight, I tried to organize all of them for him on a spread sheet so that he and my siblings and I can divide up the thank you notes so it is not too overwhelming for anyone.  Thanks to all of these people,  my mom is going to have prayers and masses said for her all over the country.  I know that this would make her so happy.  She had to stop going to church awhile ago because she just wasn’t able to get through the whole mass with all of her breathing difficulties.  I know that was hard for her – not just her breathing, but emotionally as well.  I know she enjoyed mass.  She always sang louder than anyone there, so for her funeral we chose all of her favorite songs.

I have had so many people come up to me over the last week to offer their condolences.  A lot of them knew my mom.   Some did not, but after reading about her and all of the great things she has done for the community, many of them realized that they actually knew who she was.  Whether they knew her as “The Duck Lady” or” the lady on the bench who talked to everyone,” she was a presence around town.

Her death has made a lot of people sad and although we may not understand why sad things happen, I know that what is helping me, is knowing how much others cared about her.  Her kindness towards others was evident and as more and more people tell me how special she was to them, the more uplifted I become.

If Love Could Heal

most beautiful

If love could heal a person, than my mother would be running in a marathon right now!  For those of you who do not know her, this would have been an impossible feat!!  She has COPD, is overweight and jokes about herself and how slow moving she actually is.

Our family, both immediate and extended has always been close.  We are always together.  Sometimes it almost seems we are a bit out of the ordinary considering how much time we all spend together and how much we enjoy these times. Even through this trying time, we have all been together laughing, crying and just enjoying each others’ company.

Social media can be an amazing thing.  We have each posted the news of mom to let others know what is going on.  She is so loved in her community.  We joke that she is the mayor.  She’s known by many as, “The Duck Lady” because of the charity duck race she runs every year.  People are offering meals, child care, love, support, prayers, visits…the list goes on and on. The phone calls, the messages….. it is overwhelming.  I use that word in a positive way.   I don’t know if I will ever be able to let everyone know how incredibly grateful my family and I are for your support.

I want you all to know that I am reading all of your emails and postings to her.  I don’t know if she can hear me but if she can, I know that she would be almost humbled at this outpouring.  She was not one to put herself before others and knowing that all of these people, some who don’t even know her, are out there praying and thinking of her would bring her to tears.

So I am offering an enormous thank you to all of you.  Keep praying and offering those positive thoughts.  She is a remarkable woman and I doubt she ever realized how many, many people she has had an impact on in her lifetime.