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Dad’s Progress

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For the many people who have asked….just a quick update on dad. He is doing much better.  He was admitted to the hospital on Sunday for shortness of breath, nausea and excessive sweating. Of course the first thought was his heart – he had a quadruple bypass in 2005 – but fortunately all of the tests on his heart came back clear.

After hearing a lot of wheezing, ER doctors decided to give him a chest x-ray. Diagnosis… and it sounds much worse than it is… “Congestive Heart Failure.” It sounds terrible, but fortunately, after being put on medication he is doing much better and should be home by Wednesday.

When dad, who rarely complains, calls one of us and mentions that “he might need to go the the ER” you know something is up. The awesome Maplewood Fire Department medics and the police officer who arrive at his house were terrific and helped calm his nerves, getting him to the hospital in no time at all. The staff in the emergency room was great and it was oddly quiet while we were there allowing for quick treatment and he got admitted a room in record time!

So…thanks for all the well wishes. He appreciates it and my brothers, sister and I do too.

He should be home in time for the duck race!

Still There


Not enough time for a long blog today.After a busy day at school, I am meeting up with Dale and Kathi to go see Grease at The Papermill Playhouse.  We are using my dad’s tickets.  Unfortunately, my dad is still in the hospital and not coming home like he thought.  He was in great spirits yesterday thinking that at some point today he’d be back in his house.  Dave and Dale were “on call” for his pick up today, just waiting for the call saying he could leave.  When I spoke to him early this morning I wasn’t so sure because he had run another fever during the night.  He still seemed optimistic, but after seeing several doctors during the day, including the infectious disease specialist, they decided another day was needed.

Needless to say, he is NOT happy about it.  That alone tells me that he’s feeling better though. It took until the seventh day for him to complain and start arguing about staying any longer.  I haven’t spoken to any of his doctors.  I can never get there and time it to meet up with one.  Today, he was taken for an echocardiogram.  I am still unclear why, but since he had a quadruple bypass years ago, I assume they were checking to make sure no damage was done to his heart after the blood infection and high fevers.

I am hoping that those results come back soon.  So is dad!  He just wants to get out of there.  I know he doesn’t want to hear it, but I am happy that they are checking everything out, even if it means staying a bit longer.  At least this way, we will know he’s all clear to go home and won’t have to worry about him relapsing at home.  Better to get all better now than have to go back to the hospital!!

Once again, thanks for all the good wishes.  He can’t wait to get home to thank you all personally~

It’s not my birthday…but thanks anyway!

not my birthday

This morning, I shared a “chain letter” type of post on Facebook.  I rarely do those, but since it was about February being National Heart Awareness Month, I felt I really needed to. This was the post,

I normally don’t do these group shares BUT since so much of my family has been affected by heart disease, I decided to do it this time. ❤ February is National Heart Awareness Month<3  Without replying to this message, put a heart on your wall; no comment, just a heart. Next, post a heart on the wall of the person who sent you this message. Then send this message to your friends, One small act of solidarity.”

My family has been greatly affected by heart disease.   My mother had several heart attacks before she died, her first one she had before she was fifty years old.  My father had a quadruple bypass and so did my brother.  He was only 37 at the time.  I am very conscious of heart health and try to eat and exercise properly to keep mine healthy because it doesn’t seem as if genetics are on my side!

I shared that post this morning with the hopes that others would share it and Facebook would be ablaze with hearts when I got home from work.  I was not disappointed.  There are hearts popping up all over my page and the pages of friends and family.  What I WAS surprised at was the overwhelming number of birthday messages for me today!!  Over and over again, friends from near and far were wishing me a happy day! What makes this so odd, is that today is NOT my birthday.  Not even my “birthday month!”  My birthday is in May.  I am not sure how the “birthday rumor” got started but it was nice to see all the good wishes and nice messages!

I responded with a message thanking everyone for the warm wishes, promising that they could all spread the love again in less than three months!!  Lucky me!

(And if you get the chance, please help spread the word for February Heart Awareness Month and post a heart on your Facebook wall – I’d love to see them popping up even more!)