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I am embarrassed to admit how long it has been since I wrote anything on this blog. School started, grad school started, life in general….where do I begin?!?!

We have a new president-elect and while he was not my choice, I must respect this. I have such a hard time with people who are unaccepting of others, and while Mr. Trump may be able to change his persona while in office – it is his supporters (and I will preface this with not all of them…) who are so closed minded that scare me. I live in a bubble, a town where so many of us are accepting of one another. Where same sex marriage, interracial couples, people of all races and religions live together in what seems like peaceful harmony. This election has truly shown me how naive I really am. I was unaffected by the world around me. Impervious of what so many others in America believe.

In just these three days, on television and online, I am already seeing so many signs of hatred. Swastikas painted on buildings. White people yelling obscenities to people of color. When I read a story about several white girls telling a group of hispanic people to “move to the back of the bus, Trump is president now,” I cried. We are moving backwards and this cannot happen. I fear for my LGBTQ friends. I fear for marriage equality. I fear for  immigrants. I fear for my children but am hopeful that Dave and I have raised them to follow their hearts and continue do good things and be the amazing young men that they have shown us that they are.

Anti-Trump protestors aren’t making things better either. Since when does violence fix anything?  Go out and do something good instead. Make a change. Do something that brings people together not draws them further apart.

When I woke up Wednesday morning and saw the results I cried. NOT because Hillary Clinton lost, but because I didn’t know how I was going to go to school that day and face my students.

While I tried to keep politics out of my diverse classroom filled with five and six year old students, many of them couldn’t help but repeat what they were hearing at home and on television. One boy told me, “Donald Trump makes fun of handicapped people!” A little girl said, “He doesn’t think girls are as good as boys.” When little boy innocently said with a sigh of relief, “Donald Trump hates black people…phew…sure am glad I am brown” I had to hold back tears.

I didn’t know what to say to them. A friend of mine told me “We have a lot of work to do. It is hard work fighting evil and it is our responsibility to fight harder.”

My class and I focused kindness that day. We created Kindness Superheroes. We thought of ways that love wins over hate. There was little talk of politics. Just about how to make the world a better place. We decided that we will continue to make good choices and focus on doing good for others.  They know that they can be the difference and I have faith that they truly can.



derek jeter

I have never been a Yankee fan.  I can’t be.  I root for The NY Mets no matter how awful they may be.  Yet, I can’t help but get caught up in all of the Derek Jeter commotion.  Even though I would never root for The Yankees, I will cheer on Derek.  Especially tonight.

He is the epitome of what a sports role model should be.  He is the type of player that I want my kids to root for.  He follows the rules on AND off the field. He’s friendly, engaging, appealing, attractive and one of the best hitters to play the game.  Plus, that smile…it only adds to his charm 🙂

As a captain he showed leadership. He is respected by his teammates, other players, coaches and fans.

The Washington Post quoted Washington Nationals, Tyler Clippard who said,

“I was his teammate for four months, when you’re around somebody like that, you’re going to pay attention. He’s a good, genuine guy. The best thing I can say about him is that you would never know he is Derek Jeter. He doesn’t ‘big league’ anybody, no matter what walk of life you’re from. . . . He’s not putting on a show.” 

That’s probably the best way to describe how I feel about him.  Genuine.  So as the world say good bye to him tonight, as he plays his last home game at Yankee Stadium, my family was watching.  We were talking about what he might do with his life after baseball.  The kids think he will coach or manage.  I think he should be some sort of motivational speaker.  People will surely listen.

Spirit Day

spirit day

Today, all over the country, people are wearing purple in honor of “Spirit Day,” a day to speak out and prevent bullying and show support for LGBT youth who are victims of bullying.  The name “Spirit Day,” comes from the purple stripe in the Rainbow Flag.  Each stripe of the flag represent something different:

  • Pink – sexuality
  • Red – life
  • Orange – healing
  • Yellow – sunlight
  • Green – Nature
  • Turquoise – art
  • Blue – serenity/harmony
  • Purple – spirit

Spirit Day was started in 2010 by a teenager named Brittany McMillan.  She did it in response to teens who had taken their own lives in response to being bullied as a result of being gay.  Now, the third Thursday of October, is known as SPIRIT DAY, where millions of people around the country wear purple to show their support.

Spirit Day calls for parents, school personnel, and students to work together, along with highly visible support of grassroots organizations, media outlets, and high profile figures. When youth see a sea of purple, not only in their own school, but on television the internet, as well as from their favorite celebrities, they get the message. (GLAAD.org)

GLAAD – an acronym which stands for, Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has helped to spread the word. Celebrities, athletes, new anchors, and “everyday people” are wearing purple today to show their support.  Unfortunately, bullying is a widespread problem and awareness is key.   Everyone deserves to be treated equally and showing support for one another could be the key to acceptance.

Spread the Word to End the Word

replacing the r word

This Wednesday, March 6, 2013, marks the annual day of recognition for the Spread The Word To End The Word campaign.  I have already blogged about how much I despise “the R word”.   https://aprojectforkindness.wordpress.com/2013/01/05/te-r-word/

Spread the Word to End the Word is an ongoing effort by Special Olympics, Best Buddies International, and other supporters, that sets out to raise the consciousness of society about the dehumanizing and hurtful effects of the word “retard(ed).”  In 2004, Special Olympics athletes called for change, the Special Olympics International Board of Directors adopted a resolution to update the movement’s terminology from “mental retardation” to “intellectual disabilities.”

Many people believe that using the word “retard(ed)” in everyday speech is hurtful to individuals with intellectual disabilities.  This annual day shows support against the use of language that is disrespectful to the self-esteem of people with mental disabilities.  Many advocates believe that people with cognitive disabilities and other developmental disabilities are capable of enjoying everyday life and that causal references to the words retard or retarded are demeaning.  It  is essential for the dignity and humanity of people with intellectual disabilities that we are respectful of ALL people.  However, much of society does not recognize the hurtful and derogatory effects of the word “retard(ed).”  They use it in daily conversations, not realizing the hurt, disrespect and ignorance they are showing when they use it.

It is time to address the word “retard” and raise the consciousness of society to its hurtful effects.  Visit www.r-word.org for more information.  Spreading the word should not be limited to one day.  Spread the word EVERYDAY.

We should try to make the new “R Word” be RESPECT.

Respecting the Elderly


One of the greatest ways you can spread kindness and help is to spend time with elderly people. It could be a relative, a neighbor, or just someone random out in public.  There are so many ways to offer help to an older person.  You can carry their bags at a grocery store or return their grocery cart for them.  If are out eating at a restaurant and notice an elderly person eating alone, perhaps they are in need of a companion and could be invited to sit with you and talk.  It can be difficult for some elderly people to do chores on their own.  You could help them by preparing meals, running errands, or doing yard work. Offer them your services and give them something to look forward to. Many elderly people are not always open with their needs and might think that they are a bother to other people. Do not wait for them to ask for help.  Just offer and follow through with it.

Visit a retirement or nursing home.  You could call ahead of time and see if there are any residents who do not often get a visitor.  Perhaps the nurses can give you the name of someone that might be in need of a friend who could just stop by to talk.  Kindness does not have to cost anything.  Just your time.  You could make it a routine visit.

With the very cold winter, I have not been able to see my 97 year old grandmother as often as I would like.  We only live five miles apart, but she has not been going out with all of the snow.  Today, there was a turn for the better with the weather.  It is almost Spring-like!!  Who knows how long it will last, but I took advantage of it and gave Gram a call to see if she wanted to join me for dinner out tonight.  Her entire attitude changed after inviting her.  She chose her favorite restaurant and tonight, we will take the time to catch up and enjoy each others company.