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L’Shana Tova

la shanah tova

Tonight marks the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Said to be the anniversary of the creation of Adam and Eve, it is marked with traditions like celebrating with loved ones and dipping apples into sweet honey in the hopes for a “sweet year” ahead.

Thanks to my Jewish aunt and her extended family, I have had the opportunity to celebrate this holiday with them ever since I was a little girl. This year, with our busy schedules and some health issues my aunt has been experiencing, we made a last minute decision to begin the celebration early and combine the festivities with my dad’s 70th birthday celebration. Although it wasn’t the “traditional” Rosh Hashanah meal, we were all together as a family and despite the fact that I don’t know a lot about the holiday, I know that family is an important aspect! I am sure that she will do the traditional rituals with her family over the next few days, and although we didn’t eat the sweet apples last night, we indulged in sweet birthday desserts in place of them!

I think everyone deserves to have a “sweet year” so to all who celebrate, I wish you,” L’Shanah Tovah!”

Rosh Hashanah

rosh hashanan

L’shanah tovah!  Happy New Year to all of my Jewish friends and family.  The year 5775 – a palindrome.  I think that’s the only reason I remembered the year!!

Tonight, 25 of us gathered at Irving’s Jewish Deli to celebrate the New Year with our family.  My aunt is Jewish and we celebrate with her every year.  It is always a celebration when we all get together, and this year, I think there were less Jewish family members at the Rosh Hashanah dinner than there were “non-Jews.”

Among the regular menu items, all the traditional foods were served; challah, potato pancakes, Kahska Varnishka, mushroom barley, matzoh ball soup, noodle keugel…more food than we could eat! Not all my favorites, but lots to pick at!

The best part of it all, like any of our family celebrations, was getting together with everyone.  We all live so close, yet our busy schedules keep us from doing things like this.  With all of the different religions and holidays our family celebrates, I am glad there are lots of them because that is what always brings us all together.  ❤