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Graduation Day

graduation dj

This afternoon, DJ graduates from high-school!

How did that happen?  This really makes college seem real. Maybe that’s why I can’t sleep. My mind is racing, my heart is pounding. I can remember the day he was born as if it was yesterday and now…. Graduation?!?!

When DJ started school with Mrs. Lerner, one of the most amazing kindergarten teachers I have ever met, I never expected that this day would come so quickly! He walked into that kindergarten classroom with a backpack bigger than him, giving me a nervous little wave before heading into the room. I thought that was a difficult day! What was I thinking!!??

When people tell you “it goes so fast….” they aren’t kidding! Time flew! Thirteen years of school over in the blink of an eye.  Where are those days when he’d sit curled up on my lap reading his favorite book, Freight Train, by Donald Crews, over and over again. We read that book so many times, I can still recite that book word for word!

I am going through a range of emotions.  The last few months have been building up to this. Awards ceremonies, scholarships, so many events telling us this day was upon us! I  know that he has grown into an intelligent, capable, talented person, I am having trouble writing the words, “young man,” but that is what he is. An eighteen year adult!  He’s isn’t a kid anymore! Will my little boy be able to manage without us there to guide him everyday?

All of his “firsts” have happened with us along side of him. First words, first steps, first day of school, getting his driver’s license… the list goes on and on.  Now all of those firsts are going to be experienced without us there. Is he ready? Are we?

Of course he is. He has proven that to us this year, becoming more and more independent. He is ready to move on. Ready for the next chapter of his life. I am so proud of him and I know that he is going to find even more independence when he is on his own.

We can’t predict the future and what it holds for our children. I can only hope that he is happy, does his best, makes a difference, and winds up doing what he loves.

To all of my friends who have children graduating today, congratulations! They are ready. I think we have done a pretty good job! ❤

Proud Parents

There was no time to write yesterday. We were busy celebrating DJ. He was chosen to receive a scholarship from The South Orange Maplewood Education Association. Every year, I attend the retirement dinner of teachers from the district where I work.  Each year, they honor four students who receive a scholarship.  This year, DJ was one of the lucky recipients. When his name was announced, hearing the cheers from the teachers in the room…he has had so many of them… was enough to bring tears to my eyes and when I glanced over at Dave, I noticed he was having a hard time holding them back as well.

DJ was that kid who “blossomed” late in life. This year has been filled with awards and accolades and we are just so proud of him.

We left the SOMEA dinner just in time to make it to the high school baseball awards dinner where all of the teams were honored, but especially the seniors.  DJ didn’t play baseball for the team. He was the manager. He’s always been the kids that LOVES sports, but never quite good enough to play for the high school teams.  This didn’t stop him from getting involved and he wound up receiving a varsity letter along with the rest of his teammates, once again to the cheers of the team.

DJ has really grown into a confident, strong adult and I cannot wait to see where this confidence takes him!  I know we have a few months to go, but when I think of him going away to college, I am not as worried as I thought I might be.

As he stood in front of a room of hundreds of teachers yesterday, and thanked them for the scholarship, he didn’t stammer, he didn’t stumble over his words. He didn’t even seem nervous. I am thankful to the amazing teachers and coaches he has had the privilege of having in our district. They are a huge part of creating the person he is today and we will forever be grateful for them.

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