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Stay Positive!

keep calm and stay positive

After the drama in our classroom yesterday, it was nice to have a fairly mellow day today.  Our little friend with the “throw up germ” stayed home for another day to recover and it was back to business in Kindergarten.  I had a lot of responses to my blog yesterday….mostly from parents of my students.  I was glad that they all took it in stride.  I have been laughing at the comments and conversations I have had about it with the parents and my fellow teachers today.  A few of them told me they would not have been able to have remained as unflustered as I did.  Really though, what else could I do?

The people I admire most throughout all of this is the school nurse and our custodians!  As my little friend headed to the nurse’s office covered in vomit, she had to do it by walking around the custodian who was cleaning up  piles of vomit from another child… who did not make it to the office.  Yet, both of them were as calm as could be.  This nasty stomach bug has been bringing students to the nurses office for a few weeks now so perhaps it is all in a days work?!?!!?

One parent let me know how she was laughing hysterically while reading my blog…until she got her own call from the school nurse to come and pick up her second grader who caught that nasty “throw up germ” himself!  Hope it is a quick recovery!