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Another Random Act of Kindness

make a difference

Early this evening, my sister shared this story with me and I decided to put it away for a later blog.

Then, I sat down to do school work, write lesson plans for a substitute so that I could go to a workshop tomorrow and begin my report cards.  By the time I sat down to write tonight, I was exhausted and stumped for something to write about.   As I said to Dave, “I honestly think I have nothing to write about,” another friend shared the same story as my sister, so I took it as a sign to share it tonight instead of waiting.  It spotlights a woman, who is going through a tough time and is treated with a random act of kindness from a stranger.


It doesn’t always have to be something big that will make someone’s day.  Even the littlest gesture at just the right time, could turn someone’s day around.