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How did I miss this?

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Apparently, February 17th was Random Acts of Kindness Day.  An unofficial holiday celebrated around the world that encourages people to perform random acts of kindness.  Not a day for fundraising or giving money, but just a day to celebrate kindness and doing kind things for another person for no reason at all.

Perhaps it slipped by me unnoticed because I believe that kindness should be celebrated everyday.  Not one day a year – EVERYDAY.  It is not hard.   Over a year ago, when I began this blog, that was the whole idea behind it.  Back then, just starting out, I was looking all over for stories of kindness.  In the 14 months that I have been writing, I have realized that there really is no shortage of them.  I find some nearly everyday.

There is no limit to what you can do.  The easiest one, just smile.  Not only will it make others happy, but it makes you happy too!  Keep the kindness spreading!

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Proud Mom Moment


Although I will post lots of photos of them, I am not one who normally brags about my kids and writes about their accomplishments and posts it all over Facebook, but I was so proud of them when I saw their report cards for this semester, I could not help myself. and now, I have to do it again!!

Yesterday, DJ shared a video with me and told me that he thought it would be great for my Kindness Blog.  He was right, so I will share it with all of you.  It is not necessarily “kindness,” but more about compassion – but still something I really try to emphasize with my boys.  This is the video:  It is titled, “The Gallaudet Way” and it is about a football team from Gallaudet University in Washington DC,  the only University specifically for deaf or heard of hearing students.  Take a few minutes and watch it, it will be worth it.

Today, Drew told me he joined a club at school.  It is The MLK Club.  In his words, “It is a club where the kids from his middle school can help people in need.”  Of course, I beamed!  He’s following along in my footsteps!  They are working on three fundraisers right now, a toy collection for the holidays,  selling candy grams and having hot cocoa sales during the month of December.  The money they raise will go to the people in need in The Philippines.

Drew and Dave sat with me for hours today as we counted up and made full teams of jerseys that we will be sending to underdeveloped countries as soon as we can.  Our collection of soccer jerseys for Jerseys from Jersey was huge!  We have four sets ready to go and so many more just awaiting a few more items to make them complete.  Each package will contain 2 colors of 11 jerseys each and shorts to form two teams.  They each contain two goalie jerseys as well.  At least one of these packages will be going to Uganda with my college roommate who will be moving there in January.

It makes me so happy when I see my children showing compassion.  They know, that although our family doesn’t have a lot of “extras” or go on big exciting trips, they realize that they are so much more fortunate than so many others and seeing them willing to help those less fortunate is so gratifying to me.  It makes me feel like Dave and I are doing a good job as their parents!