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Our Staycation


On April 3, I decided that I would not be writing daily on my blog. It is funny, some nights, I go to bed thinking that I forgot to do something for the day! It got to be such a habit for me.

I have still written several times this month and posted stories of kindness. I still read other bloggers entries and when I am feeling inspired or whimsical, like tonight, I sit down and write.

Tonight ends our Spring Break.  Back to reality tomorrow morning when that alarm goes off at 6am. Back to schedules and routines.  I got used to being at home.  We had a “staycation” this year.  No trip for us.  Drew was lucky enough to be invited to Great Wolf Lodge with the family of one of his good friends. DJ was busy with baseball.

Drew started the week off on a high note with his Spartan Race.  The weather was gorgeous and we knew if the whole week could be like that, it wouldn’t matter that we were staying home and not going anywhere.  Well, it wasn’t.  We had torrential rain on Monday and SNOW flurries two days!

At least it forced me to get some Spring Cleaning done – nowhere near as much as I had hoped to do, but some. The Veterans came and picked up a lot of “stuff” that was cluttering up the rooms.  I always joke that the house feels lighter after a donation pick up.

I was lucky enough to get to celebrate my best friend’s birthday by taking her to lunch. I did some collections for the Prom Dress Drive and for the local food pantry.  Dave and I used some gift cards we had been saving for awhile, and got to see a movie and have lunch.

I got to experience everyone’s vacations through Facebook. When I realized that DJ’s Spring break won’t ever fall at the same time as ours, it motivated me to look into a trip over our holiday break from school. Maybe it is something to strive for.  Looks like I need to sell a lot more jewelry!! 🙂 🙂

Spring Break Countdown

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Two days ago I wrote about how excited we were for Spring Break to arrive.

What has been more fun to watch, is the joy that Drew has been showing for the last few days.  It has been a few years since we have been away and I guess for a twelve year old kid, that could be like FOREVER!  Even DJ, our nearly 17 year old, brooding teen, who rarely shows any emotion lately, is showing some delight in the fact that we are leaving soon.

Drew went to the attic last night and dragged down the suitcases.  He even cleaned his room – an undertaking I have been begging and pleading with him to do for weeks now!  He came downstairs to tell us that he has all of his outfits planned out and even decided to bring his, “nice button down shirt” to wear on Easter with a bow-tie!  Some days I really feel like I don’t know this kid!  Outfits?!?!  Most days, we are lucky if we can get him to choose a clean shirt out of his pile of laundry on his floor each morning.

We are in the final countdown.  One more day of school.  Two more “sleeps” (as Drew as been calling it,) and we are off!  To everyone off on a Spring Break adventure, and to all of you taking a “staycation” this year, have fun and enjoy every moment of it.  They are so few and far between we have to cherish them as we get them!