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Just another day at work!

cool teacher

I would be lying if I said my summer job wasn’t fun.  It is camp – and what isn’t fun about camp?  Riding ponies, swimming, movies, amusement parks….we have a great time everyday with our campers.  Today was another fun one!  We went to the pool, like we do three times a week, every week but this time, there was an obstacle course set up for the campers.  It looked much easier than it was!


The course started in the water so you had to pull yourself up on to the apparatus and stay on it, jump over an obstacle without landing in the water, climb the slippery wall and cross the tall one without falling off.  The campers LOVED it.  One of them must have gone it at least eight times!  The lifeguards held races for the kids as they raced over it.  Of course, the counselors were dying to try it as well.  I have done at least five mud runs, but was almost as nervous for this one because so many of my former students were there watching!  Not only would I have to be in a bathing suit in front of all of them, (anyone who reads this blog regularly knows my struggles with self-image and knows how hard this is for me,) but I also had to try not to embarrass myself in front of all of them!!

Our camp director, who also teaches at my school, wanted to do it as well, so I figured if she was going to do it, so would I.  The two of us jumped in and the lifeguards told us when to start.  It sounds silly because obviously the course was in the water, but I never expected it to be so slippery!  There were handles but my feet didn’t want to hang on!  I made up that little hill and we ran across the short ramp together, jumped into the pit and had to climb back up out of the water.  Lugging my body over that wasn’t easy!  Our director agreed!  That was the hardest part! I made it across the next two parts fairly easily.  I don’t even think the whole thing took us a total of two minutes yet we felt like we accomplished something! Not just that we did it, because it really wasn’t that hard…but that we did it in front of all those kids.  Who knows, maybe it gave us a bump up on the “cool teacher” ladder 🙂

Summer Camp


All weekend, my Facebook feed has been filled with photos of friends’ children who are leaving for sleepaway camp.  They all look so happy!  Neither of my boys ever had the desire to go.  They are kind of homebodies.  DJ especially! Drew toyed with it a bit last year.  We even went and looked at a sleepaway camp and he seemed excited about it, but in the end, he chose to play summer ball and stay home instead.

Dave went to boyscout camp and soccer camps that were sleepaway, but I never went to sleepaway camp . The first time I slept away from home was college!  Since the boys never really showed any interest, we never really pursued it.  If it is something they really want to do, we will research it more, but for them, day camps just seemed to be a better fit.  Both of them have still attended day camps nearly every summer.  They have loved the sports camps and town camps.  DJ was a junior counselor for a few years but this year, instead of camp, he will work part time at my father’s store and continue to umpire.

Drew is going to be taking classes at The Adult School summer camp.  He is so excited to do a TV Production Workshop for four weeks.  DJ has been taking TV Production classes in high school since he was a freshman and Drew has heard him talk about it for years. DJ loves it so much that he is looking at colleges where he can continue to pursue it.  This has made Drew very enthusiastic about taking the course.

My summer job is working at Camp Maple.  My sixth year working there.  It is a camp for students who have special needs but don’t require the extended year program that the schools offer.  It is a place where the children to go where they are  provided with a creative, nurturing environment to help develop key life skills, build confidence but most of all, to have fun!

I will often hear how awesome it is to be a teacher because we “get summers off.”  What most people don’t realize is that most teachers aren’t paid in the summer and have to get other jobs to keep up with the bills!  Luckily, I get to work  with a great staff, great kids and the half day program still gives me time to enjoy summer vacation.

Whatever camp or summer activities you have planned, I hope you have a safe, happy and healthy time!


winning team

This summer baseball season, I have witnessed some amazing friendships being made.  The team of boys that Drew is playing on, is one of the nicest groups of boys I have encountered in all the years my boys have been playing sports.  They all get along so nicely, cheering, rooting and encouraging each other on!.  They have had good games and bad ones.  Games they have lost by a lot and games they have won by a lot.   For these kids though, the score doesn’t seem to matter.  Whether they strike out, or hit a home run, they are in the dugout yelling out words of encouragement.  They have come up with nicknames for each other and have chants and cheers they sing out as they get up to the plate.

Some of the boys have known each other from playing on other teams, some from school, and others just from the neighborhood.  Some had never met each other before the season began, but after spending so many days a week together, at practices and games, they have started to become like a family.  I had heard about “baseball families”.  It is hard not to  become one after spending so many hours together.  This goes for the parents as well as we sit on the bleachers or seek out a shady spot five or six nights a week as we watch our boys play.

Summer ball is keeping us pretty busy but in the end, they are creating camaraderie and friendships that may never have have happened if it weren’t for the game.  I had regretted not putting Drew in a summer camp this year but realize that baseball has provided him just that –  interaction with peers, making new friends, and engaging  him in an environment that is pushing him harder than I think he ever expected while giving him the confidence he needs to become a better ball player.

Best of all, he is making some great friends in the process.

oh…and as for the lucky bat….https://aprojectforkindness.wordpress.com/2013/07/06/confidence/ , he got another hit tonight at his first at bat.  he did not have a hit at each at bat, but he was “swinging for the stars” and that new confidence was still there!