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Happy Father’s Day


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads – especially to my own dad and to Dave.

We spent Father’s Day rather quietly.  Dave plays soccer on Sunday mornings, so this Sunday was no different.  It is his favorite way to spend his Sundays!!  We then met up with my dad, brothers, grandma and sister’s family at a local pub for brunch.  Then Drew, who is bat boy for The Newark Bears, had an afternoon game, so we got to spend our afternoon relaxing at the ballpark.  Tonight, Dave had a softball game.  He’s been playing on a team with a bunch of guys he’s known for years.  The team has had numerous members over the years, but it started when he was a senior in high school, and a bunch of the same guys still play.   While he had his game, I took the boys to my aunt and uncle’s house, where the rest of the family met up again for pizzas and some swimming in their pool.

For my dad, I am sure it was a sad day without my  mom around, but he was kept busy with brunch and dinner, plus he got so see my niece in her recital so he spent the afternoon with the other two grand kids.  His favorite thing to do is spend time with family.  That has always been what is most important to him…”Family Time”.

What better way to spend for Dave and my dad to spend their Fathers’ Days – doing what they love and being with their family.  It is a day that is well deserved.