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Part of a Team

winning and losing

Today, I was able to get a break from school work for awhile and catch the last half of Drew’s soccer game.  He was playing goalie for the second half.  He always seems so small in front of those big nets!  He is probably the shortest kid on the team but that doesn’t stop him.  He loves playing in goal.  As soon I as I arrived, there was a hard shot right at him and he made the stop but another kid wound up kicking it in tying up the game.  I figured Drew, (who is not only superstitious, but has quite the temper,) would find a way to blame me because they were winning before I got there.  No one could have stopped that shot though.

As the forty minutes went by, Drew made at least five spectacular saves.  Even the other team had parents on the sidelines cheering for him.  He played what was probably his best game ever in goal.  Their team wound up winning 2-1.  They play so well together.  All of them are team players which is so important and I think it has helped them remain undefeated so far this season.  After each save, his own teammates would shout words of encouragement to him.  Drew might be the littlest on the team but he is far from the quietest!  He yells, cheers and shouts out directions whenever he is in goal.  Almost a little bossy in my opinion 😉 Whatever they are doing, they are doing it right!

Dave is their coach and he promotes teamwork.  He gives everyone a fair share of time when they play.  He has a roster of 19 boys and he somehow finds a way to get everyone out there to play in each game.

Dave was also in great spirits today.  His men’s team won their own game this morning and he had the game winning goal.  He has been walking on air ever since.  They play every week and some days he comes home much grumpier than he did today!  That team has a record of 1-3-1 for the Fall season so they were happy to bring home that win today.

The NY Giants and Manchester United won today.  The NJ Devils won last night….it has been a weekend of wins for our family.  Hope that high that the boys are all feeling right now takes them right through the week and into next weekend when the games all start anew.

There’s No “I” in TEAM

theres no i in team

This afternoon Dave called me to tell me that the doctors were ordering my dad to go to the hospital because he had a low hemoglobin count.  He had been waiting for blood cultures to come back since Thursday because he just hadn’t been feeling well.  He had expected to just be put on an antibiotic but it wasn’t the answer he had been hoping for.  I won’t post much about his condition tonight because we don’t know much.  He was just finishing up with a blood transfusion when Dave and I left the hospital tonight.  We will know more tomorrow and I will update on his condition then.  He was in good spirits when we left…although The Giants Game had just begun and that wasn’t making him too happy!!

While I was in the emergency room with Dave and my dad, I decided to text my Kindergarten Teammates to tell them what was going on.  I was going to wait until tomorrow, but decided to let them know just in case his condition changed and I had to make plans for tomorrow.  Of course their sentimental texts back to me were loving and supportive asking how they could help. 

Then, Ola, one of our teammates let us know that she was on her way to St. Barnabas ER as well.  One of her family members had been brought there and she was rushing up to meet her.  In the meantime, she asked me if I’d go out to the waiting room to check on her since she wasn’t there yet.  I went and introduced myself reassuring them that Ola was on her way.  Not long after that, they were put in the room right next to my dad’s and minutes later Ola appeared. 

She had been out at the pet store with her dog when she got the call and rushed right up to the ER, not expecting to stay long.  When it turned out that she’d be staying longer than expected, within minutes, Martha, our “Queen Bee” team leader was on her way to get Ola’s dog to keep him. Jessica, another one of our teachers was bringing dinner for her and her family.  They had offered to bring food for us too, but we knew that since my dad was being admitted we were going to be heading out soon. 

As I was walking to the parking lot, Martha and her daughter were already there getting the dog.  Jessica was on her way with their dinner.  I am so lucky to work with these ladies. We really work like a well oiled machine sometimes. They are so much more than just my coworkers.  They are like my family and I love them for it!!



winning team

This summer baseball season, I have witnessed some amazing friendships being made.  The team of boys that Drew is playing on, is one of the nicest groups of boys I have encountered in all the years my boys have been playing sports.  They all get along so nicely, cheering, rooting and encouraging each other on!.  They have had good games and bad ones.  Games they have lost by a lot and games they have won by a lot.   For these kids though, the score doesn’t seem to matter.  Whether they strike out, or hit a home run, they are in the dugout yelling out words of encouragement.  They have come up with nicknames for each other and have chants and cheers they sing out as they get up to the plate.

Some of the boys have known each other from playing on other teams, some from school, and others just from the neighborhood.  Some had never met each other before the season began, but after spending so many days a week together, at practices and games, they have started to become like a family.  I had heard about “baseball families”.  It is hard not to  become one after spending so many hours together.  This goes for the parents as well as we sit on the bleachers or seek out a shady spot five or six nights a week as we watch our boys play.

Summer ball is keeping us pretty busy but in the end, they are creating camaraderie and friendships that may never have have happened if it weren’t for the game.  I had regretted not putting Drew in a summer camp this year but realize that baseball has provided him just that –  interaction with peers, making new friends, and engaging  him in an environment that is pushing him harder than I think he ever expected while giving him the confidence he needs to become a better ball player.

Best of all, he is making some great friends in the process.

oh…and as for the lucky bat….https://aprojectforkindness.wordpress.com/2013/07/06/confidence/ , he got another hit tonight at his first at bat.  he did not have a hit at each at bat, but he was “swinging for the stars” and that new confidence was still there!

Summer Ball


Drew tried out for the baseball summer league in town.  He found out this week that he made the B team.  He is so excited!!  What I love most about the make up of the team, is that the coaches looked for more than just ability.  They also  based it on how well the kids worked together and respected one another.  This has always been a huge factor in the way Dave and I have raised our boys to play sports  –  and not only in sports, but in life.  They need to know how to be good people, good friends and demonstrate a positive attitude.  I did not attend the tryouts, so I do not know if Drew was actually a better hitter, catcher or thrower, but I do know that he has an amazing and positive way of working with his team.  He is always the one of the kids out on the field calling out to his teammates, encouraging them and rooting them on.

Drew respects his coaches and the coaches decisions, and he respects his teammates too.  This seems to be evident of the entire team this year,  I hope that they have a winning season, but if they all go into the season with the attitudes they are showing now, and all getting along and rooting for one another, they will be learning something that is much more important than winning.  They are going to learn the importance of perseverance and endurance.  Losing will teach them just as much as winning, and although winning is much more fun, they will learn how to get through rough patches and hopefully to realize that it is important to never give up.

The kids, coaches, and parents are going to be spending a lot of time together this summer.  Our team is lucky to have dedicated, thoughtful, and skilled coaches who will have an extremely positive impact on the boys.  They are offering them their time.  Not only just for games, but for practices too and in doing so, they are giving them the chance to play in a non-threatening environment where the entire team will be engaged.  They are giving them a chance to play, have fun, learn and hopefully pull off a few wins as a result.