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Do Your Part

There is a new kindness bulletin board hanging in the front hallway of our school thanks to Mrs. Clark, our school secretary/administrative assistant.

It made me so happy when I passed it today. Students and teachers are welcome to “take what they need” and do their part in creating a nicer world for others.

Thank you Mrs. Clark. That little bit of kindness is much needed lately.


A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way

Spread kindness to one person a day Imagine the amount of happiness you would dispense in a lifetime

Sometimes the littlest things can make a good day even better!

Thanks to the police officer in Harrison today who directed us to an alternate route when leaving the Red Bulls game saving us at least twenty minutes of traffic!

Remember, it doesn’t take a lot to do something kind for someone else.  Spread the kindness!

Soccer Skills


About three weeks ago, the PTA at the school where I work held a big auction.  It is a really fun night that is attended by parents and teachers and it raises a lot of money for our school.  The parent committee works very hard making the night perfect and this year, was a huge success.

One of the big “hits” of the evening are the teacher prizes.  All of the teachers donate a service to be auctioned off.  With prizes like, “Pizza and cupcakes with your teacher at lunch” or “Pancake Breakfast with your teacher” there is often a bidding war to win one!

One of my fellow kindergarten teachers and I offered a “Soccer Skills Class” after school and today was the day for us to carry out the prize.  My coworker Jessica is a very talented soccer player.  She played for her college and went on to coach for awhile afterwards.  She still plays several times a week in a league.  I, on the other hand, have learned to play soccer by watching my own kids play.  I know the rules, and I have fun playing, but after playing on season on an “over 40” team I realized that I was far from a stellar player and I stick to the sidelines.

The 6 children who won our prize didn’t care though!  My own boys came to help out and it was a fun filled hour of skills and a mini-game followed by a snack and a read aloud about soccer.

Our PTA goes over and beyond for the students and teachers at our school and these prizes that we donate are one way that we can give back.  Summer vacation begins next week and The PTA gets some time off as well and it is definitely time deserved.  Thank you for all you do!

Kindness of Others


After yesterday’s blog about my broken lanyard, I realized how incredibly kind people really are.  We hear so many negative stories on the news and in the media, that sometimes we forget about all of the good things.  I had so many people respond to my blog and offer help to fix the chain. I was so touched.  It made me so happy to be a part of this community.  Actually, I have noticed that quite often, after many of the blogs I have written, friends, family and even strangers comment.  There are so many days that I wonder why people are interested in reading my blog.  I don’t always have a lot to say…or at least a lot of interesting things, but there are people reading it!  That makes me happy and it inspires me to keep on writing.  I appreciate all of you are who read and are interested in what I have to say.

Thanks for following 🙂


The Thank You Note

thank you

Today I sat down and finally wrote my thank you letters to my students and their families for the generous end of the year gift that they gave me.  I know that many people do not write thank you notes anymore. A thing of the past perhaps??   My mother was a stickler for writing them and as kids, never let us get by without doing it!!  After she died, there were hundreds of thank  you notes to write so we divided them up the among my family members so that no one would have to do all of them.  I tried to get them done immediately.  I don’t like having things hanging over my head and I really wanted to get it done and let everyone who expressed their sympathy through mass cards, letters and flowers know just how much it meant to all of us.

Dave on the other hand, was never encouraged to write thank you notes.  Not that he was not grateful for things that he received, but his parents did not make him do it.  Mine did!  When I was younger I would definitely say that they MADE me do it, but now, I actually enjoy writing a quick note of gratitude to let others know that I am appreciative.  With email and texts that are so easy to send out, be deleted and then forgotten, a hard copy of a thank you note is actually nice to receive once in awhile.

I will admit, that I often will send out a quick email thanking someone.  I get lazy and that certainly is an easier way to do it!  Even postage is expensive these days so why not do it the quick, cheap and easy way???  Unfortunately with Dave’s and my different upbringing regarding writing thank you notes, our own boys get caught in the middle.  I pressure them to write them, and Dave goes along with it – but only because he knows how important it is to me, but they do it as minimalists.  I can usually get a quick,  “Dear ____, thank you for the ____, Love “.  I guess we settle at that since it brings us to a happy medium.  I want my boys to know that it really is important.  Is writing letters a lost art??

There are certain people that need to receive an actual note. My 98 year old grandma is one of those people.  She doesn’t use the internet so would never get an email, but I know that she loves receiving mail from her grandchildren and great grandchildren!  Even at her age, she does a lot for all of us and needs to know that she is appreciated.  Appreciated seems to be the key word here.  Knowing that someone has gone out of their way to do something for you, seems to be enough to warrant some sort of acknowledgement to know that you are grateful.

What do you think?  Do you still write thank you notes?



Last night, my dad and I sat and went through all of the mass cards, sympathy cards and flower cards that people have sent over the last week.  Tonight, I tried to organize all of them for him on a spread sheet so that he and my siblings and I can divide up the thank you notes so it is not too overwhelming for anyone.  Thanks to all of these people,  my mom is going to have prayers and masses said for her all over the country.  I know that this would make her so happy.  She had to stop going to church awhile ago because she just wasn’t able to get through the whole mass with all of her breathing difficulties.  I know that was hard for her – not just her breathing, but emotionally as well.  I know she enjoyed mass.  She always sang louder than anyone there, so for her funeral we chose all of her favorite songs.

I have had so many people come up to me over the last week to offer their condolences.  A lot of them knew my mom.   Some did not, but after reading about her and all of the great things she has done for the community, many of them realized that they actually knew who she was.  Whether they knew her as “The Duck Lady” or” the lady on the bench who talked to everyone,” she was a presence around town.

Her death has made a lot of people sad and although we may not understand why sad things happen, I know that what is helping me, is knowing how much others cared about her.  Her kindness towards others was evident and as more and more people tell me how special she was to them, the more uplifted I become.