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Home for Thanksgiving


Most nights, since we go to bed fairly early, Dave and I watch Fox 5 News, New York. Each night as it begins, they say, “Its 10pm, do you know where your children are?” For years, I always said, ‘Yup. Tucked into bed.” It became a bit of a routine. If I forgot to say it, Dave would. We do it almost every night. Then, DJ went off to college. After that, each time I heard those words I’d sigh, and say, “Well, I know where one of them is.” Once in awhile, jokingly, Dave will  go on his find my phone app, see where he is and say, “Yup. I do!”

I knew DJ was fine. He is loving college. He has known what he has wanted to do with his life and is off doing it! I am proud of him. For me, it is  just nostalgia – missing those days when the boys were little. When people say time flies, they aren’t kidding!

Yesterday, my brother Tim drove to Boston to pick DJ up for the Thanksgiving week. I was anticipating his arrival all day. They made great time until they hit New Jersey where traffic was a nightmare so he didn’t make it home by my 10pm news question.

Even though I am sure he will be out with friends, tonight when I hear those words on the news, at least I will be able to say, “Yup! I do!”

Graduation Day

graduation dj

This afternoon, DJ graduates from high-school!

How did that happen?  This really makes college seem real. Maybe that’s why I can’t sleep. My mind is racing, my heart is pounding. I can remember the day he was born as if it was yesterday and now…. Graduation?!?!

When DJ started school with Mrs. Lerner, one of the most amazing kindergarten teachers I have ever met, I never expected that this day would come so quickly! He walked into that kindergarten classroom with a backpack bigger than him, giving me a nervous little wave before heading into the room. I thought that was a difficult day! What was I thinking!!??

When people tell you “it goes so fast….” they aren’t kidding! Time flew! Thirteen years of school over in the blink of an eye.  Where are those days when he’d sit curled up on my lap reading his favorite book, Freight Train, by Donald Crews, over and over again. We read that book so many times, I can still recite that book word for word!

I am going through a range of emotions.  The last few months have been building up to this. Awards ceremonies, scholarships, so many events telling us this day was upon us! I  know that he has grown into an intelligent, capable, talented person, I am having trouble writing the words, “young man,” but that is what he is. An eighteen year adult!  He’s isn’t a kid anymore! Will my little boy be able to manage without us there to guide him everyday?

All of his “firsts” have happened with us along side of him. First words, first steps, first day of school, getting his driver’s license… the list goes on and on.  Now all of those firsts are going to be experienced without us there. Is he ready? Are we?

Of course he is. He has proven that to us this year, becoming more and more independent. He is ready to move on. Ready for the next chapter of his life. I am so proud of him and I know that he is going to find even more independence when he is on his own.

We can’t predict the future and what it holds for our children. I can only hope that he is happy, does his best, makes a difference, and winds up doing what he loves.

To all of my friends who have children graduating today, congratulations! They are ready. I think we have done a pretty good job! ❤

Past, Present and Future…

past present future

This morning, my friend Lisa shared this on her Facebook page,

Monday Mood Makeover. This is the only week in the entire year that we will live in two separate years. What a great backdrop for embracing where we are and looking forward to who we will become. In this one week we get to be in both places. That’s super cool.

It was so thought provoking, I tried to find some quotes about it.  I found a few:

present is a present present past

Such a great way to think about life. Embracing the past and anticipating the future, yet living in the present.  We all learn from our past.  We are motivated to be better human beings.  A better friend, a better spouse, a better parent,  better at our job….the list can go on and on.

Someone commented on her post and I think it is something I could work on.  Perhaps my New Year’s Resolution!?!  She wrote,

Not sure why, but I never thought of it that way! 2 yrs, 1 week. I’m attempting to be more in the present, when I’m with someone, I’m talking and listening to them…trying to keep my mind from racing forward (or backwards.)

I am so guilty of this.  My mind is always racing.  Always going on to the next thing before I have finished with what I am doing.  So, I will try to be more in the present.  More in the now.  Time goes too fast already.  Why rush it?