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Sitting home tonight with Dave.  Both boys are out so we decided to catch up on some movies we keep recording and saving, yet never get the chance to watch.  Tonight we decided on Nebraska. I have been putting this one off, thinking it would be too depressing. Filmed in black and white, I just wasn’t sure if I’d get into it.  I was wrong.  I loved it!

Dave and I have a bucket list.  One of the things we have talked about doing is renting an RV and driving across the country.  Just to see what is out there.  I’ve been all up and down the East Coast but not many other places.  I have made it to Alaska, Louisiana and Nevada.  We spent a few hours in Utah while visiting Nevada while there for my cousin’s wedding.  That’s it.  It is kind of sad actually.

I want to see more of the mid-west, although the movie today didn’t really portray it as the most exciting place.  Driving across the country would give us a chance to see so much more.  Living so close to New York and the hustle and bustle of the city really shows the vast differences across our country.  New Jersey is the 5th smallest state yet the most densely populated.  Traffic is usually one of the top stories on the news because it is everywhere!  It seems so different as you get further and further from the big cities.  I think I would like it – at least for a little while.

So hard to leave


We have had such a great week here in Hilton Head.  We were going to leave tomorrow, but after thinking about the amount of time it takes to drive here, we decided that today would be a better choice.  Drew and Dave have games to play on Sunday and we were really going to be pushing it to drive the entire way in one day.  Even splitting it up between the two of us, we’d still have a fifteen hour drive without stopping.

The weather has been fantastic the whole time.  Mid seventies to low eighties.  Just perfect for us.  Not too hot, but just right.  Today, was supposed to be a rainy day, but it is quite the opposite.  It is gorgeous out making it harder to leave.  We have been taking our time but we are about to pack up the car and get on our way.

The place we rented is somewhere I would love to stay again.  We had been so worried about Emmy Lou not adapting well but even she did great and I think she likes it here as much as we do.  Normally we are creatures of habit and always find ourselves going to the same restaurants to eat whenever we come down here, but this time we “ventured” out and tried a few new places and I am so glad we did!  For anyone heading down this way, don’t miss out on Annie O’s or Jump and Phil’s.  Two new favorites!!

It is always sad to say goodbye after a vacation and to a week with no schedules and time constraints, but tomorrow will bring us back to reality.  Back to the real world.

“A Dollar and a Dream”

wish on star

Tonight is the drawing for The Powerball Lottery.  At 600 million dollars, it is the second largest jackpot in US history.  Of course, we got some tickets.  I never expect to win, but I love fantasizing about it for those few days of having those tickets in my hands before the numbers are drawn! I imagine all the things I’d do with the money.  It always starts with paying off all of our debt, helping my family to do the same and making sure all of the people that I love are taken care of.  I’d love to do some traveling and see the world!  Then, on to those many ways I’d want to help others.  Of course, I’d splurge on myself… no matter how selfish that might sound, but with SIX HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS, I guess we’d be able to afford to!

One of my biggest dreams, is to open some sort of home or shelter for women and their children who are struggling to stay afloat.  Not only would I be able to provide them with shelter and food, but hopefully, since I’d have the resources, I would also be able to provide them with the education and classes they would need to become financially able to be out on their own again.  It would be a safe haven, but most importantly a place where they could come to gain independence and learn to become self-sufficient.

I think it is important to be a part of it all.  Not just someone who writes a check, (although that is a wonderful and generous thing too), but to actually be a part of making a change in the lives of others.  So, my fingers are crossed, I am knocking on wood, wishing on stars, making a wish at 11:11. looking for lucky pennies and four leaf clovers and hoping, (just like millions of others out there), that tonight is the night that we become millionaires – and if we don’t, oh well, there’s always another lottery and another chance to keep on dreaming!!

How would you spend it if you won?