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Three Strikes You’re Out

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Drew decided not to play baseball this year. He was going to be playing in a group of kids that are up to two years older than him and at this age, there is a huge size difference between 13 and 15 year olds!  Drew is already on the smaller size for a 13 year old. We supported him completely but I have to admit, I was a bit sad to miss out on baseball this season.  That is until he took it upon himself to take the town’s umpire course and become an umpire for the Spring Season.

He umped his first game on Saturday and asked us if we’d come to see it so Dave, DJ and I went to watch the game. His age group of umpires gets to call the games for the youngest group of kids, second and third graders. He told us that he was a little bit nervous and that he thought about it the whole night before but by the second inning, he seemed like a pro already. His voice got stronger, he seemed more sure of himself and the game went smoothly.

Fortunately, there were great parent coaches on both teams – I think that’s what worried him the most. Umpires are taught how to handle difficult parents, and that they are allowed to send them off the field if warranted.  Glad we didn’t have to see that happen though.

So, my season without baseball didn’t happen.  I am sure I won’t be going to all of the games, and for  those I do go to, I won’t be cheering on a particular team, but now I can go and still support him and enjoy those Spring baseball days that I grew to love.

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Sun-shiney Birthday

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Yesterday was DJ’s birthday.  After an emotional roller coaster of a day,  The rain had caused massive flooding around our area. Whenever we celebrate a family member’s birthday, they get to choose where they want to go for dinner and everyone goes without complaining!  He chose Buffalo Wild Wings.  The closest one to our home is about 30 minutes away.  We got in the car early, around 5:30.  We have to head out on Route 22 which, is a nightmare on a regular day, but with the rain, it was a mess.  There were streets flooded and lanes merging into one.  We got to a point that we were at a complete standstill.  For THREE AND A HALF HOURS!!!  We didn’t even move two miles.  There was no way to get off the road.  Nowhere to turn around.  I am not normally a claustrophobic person but it was terrible! Not only that, after an hour into the ride, I had to go to the bathroom.  So did Drew.  We finally got out of the car, while Dave and DJ sat in that mess.  We ran into a Dunkin Donuts that was on the side of the road and went to use the bathroom.  We came out and they hadn’t even moved a car length!  We were all getting snippy with one another and poor DJ wound up spending his birthday in the car.  When we finally got close to the area the restaurant was located in, the road was closed!!!  We could not even get there.  Instead we were detoured off the road onto another highway.

We got to a diner in our own town at 9:00 at night, grabbed a bowl of soup and headed home.  I felt badly about it all night.  He doesn’t like sweets at all, but I thought for sure we’d at least get to all sing to him in the restaurant to celebrate.  What a letdown.  His presents were going to be picked up on the way home.  He is umpiring for the local baseball teams and wanted his own equipment.  The plan was to get it on the way home since he needed to be there to try the stuff on and it was on the way home on Route 22.  So, he didn’t even get his gifts.  😦

Tonight, it is my birthday!!  My night to choose dinner. It wasn’t supposed to work out like this.  There were supposed to be soccer practices and baseball but due to all of yesterday’s rain, the fields are all flooded and therefore canceled.  Lucky for me!  The sun has been shining all day and it is nearly 80 degrees.  My mom and dad had always told me that it never rains on my birthday and I honestly can only remember it raining once in all of my 44 years!  I am sure there were other times, but statistically, there have been far more sunny days than not.  It was predicted rain all day, but I told everyone, nope.  It doesn’t rain on May 1st! Sure enough, it was a gorgeous day.

Even if it hadn’t been, my day would have been lovely.  My class and their parents went out of their way to make it special.  They brought me beautiful handmade cards, cupcakes, a gift certificate to take more classes at Viva Z, and a coffee mug that is signed by all of them.  Students dropped by all day long to wish me a happy day and our PE teacher and his last period class serenaded me from outside of my classroom windows with an awesome, “Happy Birthday.”

My amazing Kindergarten co-workers treated me to lunch and lemon bars for dessert and to wind up the school day, my dad and DJ came to school with donuts for all of us to celebrate.  It was a super, sweet, sugary, sun-shiney day.  I loved every minute of it and it isn’t even over yet!