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write when inspired

I have nothing tonight.  Stumped.  Not a great day.  Didn’t see any random acts of kindness, didn’t have the smoothest day at work or at home….

How can I write a blog that is supposed to inspire others when I am feeling so uninspired?  I even gogled “What to write when I have nothing to say” and that is where I found this quote.  As I sit here writing, I am hoping that something will set off a spark but it isn’t happening.

I am trying to rewind my day to find a bright spot and there were a few.  Not much worth writing an entire blog about.

But wait!  Maybe this saying has some truth to it, because as I am writing I am remembering something that a parent told me at drop off today at school.  Her daughter has been having a bit of a rough time with drop off at school, still clinging to her mom and crying before the day starts.  This week we came up with a solution that seems to be working and she seems to be becoming more comfortable.  Her mom took me aside this morning and told me that her daughter had a bad dream last night.  In her dream, she was climbing up a long set of stairs somewhere in New York City and got lost, but then she saw me and took me by the hand and knew she was safe.

I am not good at interpreting dreams, but this one seemed pretty clear!  I am so glad that this little girl is ready to trust me and knows that she is in a place where she is safe, loved and cared for everyday.  That is the hope of any teacher!  I am so glad her mom shared it with me today! Ok!  There’s my bright spot for the day! 🙂

Looking for inspiration!


I go through these slumps once in awhile and just sit in front of my computer not knowing what to write about.  I have had a good few weeks, with plenty of things to blog about but then one of these days comes along.  I look through emails, read through my Facebook feed and even do searches on the internet for ideas.  Sometimes it just doesn’t happen.  I am uninspired today.  Not sure why…

I am still doing my Lenten “Acts of Kindness” each day and actually getting a lot of joy out of it!  It is fun to leave a special treat in a mailbox or on another teacher’s desk without them knowing.

Today at school, we continued to promote the Pay it Forward program by sharing the website with the faculty and a lot of the teachers took kindness cards so that they could also spread the kindness.  All great things,  but, I have written about all of this already!

My dad continued his tradition of sending us a bushel of oranges and grapefruits from his trip to Florida.  That was a nice treat to come home to this afternoon, but not enough to write an entire blog!

The more I think about it, my day, although far from perfect, had several moments of kindness and joy thrown in.  Maybe that should be a goal for everyone.  To find a few moments from their day, everyday –  even on the “bad” ones, to find a few instances that you are grateful for and for those we should find a reason to be inspired.


virginia wolf

After blogging for nearly 14 months, I definitely run into nights like tonight when I am feeling rather uninspired to write.  I go in spurts.  I have ideas that flow quite freely and sometimes, I have no problem coming up with ideas, and then days and days where I just don’t know what I want to write about.  I have lots of memories I could probably turn into posts but would they be interesting to anyone besides me? I have often wondered what makes people come back and read my blog.  I am 418 views away from 50,000 views on the site.  How did that happen?

No one is forcing me to write each day.  Last year, it was the challenge to myself.  This year, I did not have to continue it, I wanted to.  I have found that I really do enjoy writing.  I am afraid that if I take a night off, it will be too easy to just stop.  I don’t want that to happen.  The writing is so good for me.  Whether it is read by others or not, it is my diary.  I can go back and read and reread what I have written.  I have read all of the entries about my mom more times than I care to admit!  It helps me when I am missing her so I guess it is therapeutic.

So on nights like tonight, when I feel like I don’t have a lot to say, I might just post a few words, or maybe a quote or two that will inspire kindness or happiness – that was the original intention of the blog after all!