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What Happened?


Yesterday, I wrote my blog about Dr. Seuss.  A very simple blog, just listing a few of my favorite quotes in celebration of his birthday.  I did the same thing that I do after I write all of my blogs.  I shared it.  On Facebook, Pinterest, Google and a few other sharing sites including Reddit.  On a typical day, I get between 100-200 views.  That in itself shocks me.  Over 100 people read my blog daily!  Why?  I don’t know but makes me happy.  My biggest day for readers was after Francine died. 1000 people visited my page that day.  The months of March and April last year brought a lot of activity to my blog because I wrote a lot about my mom and Francine.

After sharing it yesterday, I did school work and some things around the house.  I went back later to see if it had been read and thought something was wrong with my stats page.  It looked different because the bar graph that lists the weekly views seemed to have changed.  Then I noticed that the number of views was at 4,500.  That could not be right.  I refreshed the page and it jumped up to 4,700.  Something was wrong…it had to be.  I closed out WordPress and reopened it.  Now it was over 5000.  I looked to see where all the activity was coming from and it turns out it was from Reddit.  I have shared on there before, so what made this post different?  It truly was not one of my better blogs, was it because it was Dr. Seuss’ birthday?  I still don’t know what it was but the final count for the day was…..


Will that EVER happen again?  My guess is no.  Will it bring more activity to my blog?  Probably not, but it was pretty amazing to watch.  I kept getting alerts on my phone telling me about the “activity” on the site.  It went on for a few hours and then suddenly slowed down towards evening.  In the grand scheme of things, is 11,399 a lot? As I sat and watched Ellen DeGeneres hysterically host the Oscars last night and claim to “break Twitter,” with her group selfie, perhaps not. Yet once again, it’s all relative!

Thank you Dr. Seuss – I have always had a special place in my heart for your stories and now you have given me even more of a reason for loving them!!