National Puppy Day

Although our girl is far from a puppy at 13 years old, she will always be our sweet pup. We couldn’t have found a sweeter rescue dog than her and we are so lucky to have her in our lives.

Emmy Happy copy.JPG


23 willpower.jpg

23 days into Lent and I still haven’t eaten sweets. That’s what I gave up this year. I know, it seems odd, as I am questioning my religion and “trying out” different churches to see where I feel a good fit. Through it all, I still keep the Catholic Lenten sacrifice going. Not that giving up desserts and sweets is really a sacrifice, but it is tough. Last year I gave up cheese. Now THAT was a sacrifice!!

I am always able to succeed during Lent. Catholic guilt? Maybe because somehow I do it every year. There is no other time of the year that I can stick to a diet or eating plan. My willpower falls to the wayside every other time but during Lent, I don’t cheat once. Ever.

There are all sorts of blogs and articles written about not giving things up but instead doing something for others during Lent. I decided that I’d give away my sweet treat everyday to someone else. My Random Snacks of Kindness find their way into coworkers’ mailboxes each day. To me that is the fun part. I look forward to it each morning. I don’t even get to see their reaction, but I like to think it brings a  bit of happiness to their day.

Writer’s Block

Some nights I just have nothing to write. The photo prompt doesn’t work for me tonight, and I am just too tired but my intention is to write every single day so, I looked to the web for some inspirational quotes and this popped up:

21 writers block

So, I will leave it at that and hopefully get back at it tomorrow.


Today’s photo word of the day is FRUIT. The word came at a perfect time. Every year when my dad goes to Florida he sends us oranges. Delicious, Florida oranges. We love them. This weekend a huge box showed up at our front door with FORTY oranges inside. There is no way the three of us will be able to eat that many oranges ourselves. I plan to give some away, find some recipes that use oranges and it looks like I will be having some fresh squeezed juice in the morning!

Thanks Dad! They are delicious!

20 fruit.JPG

Dinner for 25

family dinner.jpg

What was supposed to be dinner for 25 turned into a smaller crowd. Grammy is still recovering in the hospital and Gigi her caretaker is with her. Dave took DJ back to school so we were a few less at the table. I still cooked the 25 pounds of corned beef and 6 heads of cabbage. There weren’t enough burners on grammy’s stove so the potatoes were prepared at my aunt’s home and brought over.

As always there was more than enough food and dessert and since we can’t forget to celebrate St. Joseph’s Day there were lots of Italian pastries as well.

I took a before photo of the 25 pounds of meat…but no one needs to see a photo of raw meat. Everyone was so hungry, I didn’t get a photo of it when it was all cooked and served!

There aren’t many things more special than gathering with family and creating new memories and reliving old ones each year and tonight was no different.


Today, while visiting my gram in the hospital, (she has another UTI but doing much better,) I met Baxter, the therapy dog. This sweet golden retriever visits St. Barnabas every Saturday comforting patients. It was the first time I had met a therapy animal. This big guy is nine years old and the most gentle soul. Gram didn’t wake up while he was in the room so she didn’t get to interact with him but Gigi, (Gram’s caretaker) and I did. He just sat there and let us pet and play with him.

Although I can see the power of love that a pet can bring just through our own Emmy Lou, I never understood the need for visiting hospital therapy dogs until today. He brought such a calmness to the room. The patient in the room with Gram seemed so comforted by his presence. I guess so were we. I guess they are not not just for the patients but for the families themselves.


St. Patrick’s Day

It was my mom’s favorite holiday. She would cook for everyone and every family member, Jewish, Catholic, Italian, Irish…we had them all, would show up for her corned beef and cabbage dinner. This year, St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday during Lent. Although the Catholic Church has offered dispensation, allowing Catholics to eat meat today, we are waiting until Sunday when we my dad and brothers get home from Florida to share our St. Patty’s Day dinner. 25 pounds of corned beef have already been ordered and my cousin, sister and I will head up to my grammy’s to cook that morning.

The photo prompts haven’t all been falling into categories to write about so I have strayed from them a bit but today’s is GREEN and there couldn’t be a better day to share some photos. St. Patrick’s Day in Kindergarten is always an exhausting adventure. Once again, that pesky little leprechaun showed up in our classroom making a mess wherever he went. He comes every year.  The magic of Kindergarten is part of the reason I enjoy teaching this grade so much. Yes, it is exhausting and draining sometimes but the look on their faces on days like these make it worth it.

The photos tell the story…