Parent Teacher Conferences


I am in the midst of parent/teacher conferences at school.  One evening and two afternoons to meet with the parents of 22 students.  I actually look forward to them.  Sitting down with the parents one at a time and giving them the time allotted to focus on their child individually is so worthwhile, both for them and for me.  Now that I have spent over 45 days with their children I am getting to know their personalities and mannerisms.  I can discuss their children because I have gotten to know them.  Holding conferences earlier in the school year would never be as beneficial.  Since I teach Kindergarten, for some of these parents it is the first conference they’ve ever had.  I hope that I am giving them a positive introduction to the next six years of elementary school!

This is the first year that I am not attending a Parent/Teacher conference for one of my own children!  Six years for DJ followed by six for Drew – and only one of those years overlapped.   It seemed a little strange!  Every time I hold my conferences I find similarities in the ones I attended for my own kids.  Some parents beg for ideas for reluctant readers….both my boys are unenthusiastic when it comes to reading.  Some parents are surprised when I tell them how great their kids are with listening and staying on task because they tell me at home, it is quite the opposite.  Exactly what I used to say about Drew!

Occasionally I will share a story about my own children with parents.  I let them know that even my own kids have issues and struggles that other kids deal with.  It isn’t different just because I am a teacher.  On any single day, I will have 22 children under control and on schedule while at home, I can’t keep my own schedule and kids’ homework under control.  I think by establishing a rapport with them helps to build solid relationships and leads to a successful school year for everyone.

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