Being Idle


I have never been one to be idle. I can’t sit still. I have never been able to. “You have ants in your pants” my mom would tell me. This is proving to be a challenge as I sit here 18 hours after a very minor procedure on my foot requiring me to be of of it completely for “24-48 hours!”

I had two neurofibromas removed from my foot yesterday. They were in two spots on my left foot that were causing discomfort when wearing shoes. I have had them in the same location for as long as I can remember. Though born with Neurofibromatosis, most fibroids don’t appear until the teenage years. I am not sure if they got larger or what the reason is, but these two were causing some discomfort so earlier in the summer I sought out the advice of a dermatologist who said we could remove them if insurance approved it. This bothers me so much to hear. I am not having cosmetic surgery to enhance a part of my body, yet removal of these fibromas is often considered cosmetic. I have had others removed several years ago but again, they were causing discomfort and fortunately it was covered by my insurance. This time it was also approved but I was told I would have to be off my foot for awhile so I had to wait until there was no school or camp so it wouldn’t interfere.

In the past, when they were removed, I had been completely sedated. Most likely it was due to the location of them. Two were on my eyelids and another time one was removed from my hand between my fingers. I had to go to specialized hospitals for each of those. This left me a bit apprehensive for this procedure since I’d be awake through it all. Fortunately my doctor was very calming and walked me through it as he worked. It took less than a half an hour. The numbing shots I received in my foot were dreadfully painful, but once they took affect, it was much more tolerable. Uncomfortable but not too painful.

Anyone who knows me know that I like to talk. So, the doctor and I did just that the whole time. About college visits, (his son is starting the college process too,) about sports…whatever. It kept my mind off the procedure and was just what I needed to get through it .

My directions were pretty firm. Absolutely off off of my foot for two days. Keep it completely wrapped up the way they have it for five days and then wrapped again until all of the stitches are removed in two weeks. Lots of ice for the first few days. I am supposed to stay off it as much as possible for the next two weeks. I told him about going with DJ for a college tour next week and that there would be walking involved. He said that would be okay but to keep as much pressure off it as possible and rest it whenever I could.  I walked out of there with it wrapped and in my flip-flop. No pain, but my foot was still numb. I followed doctor’s orders and lay on the couch for the rest of the day.

Four hours into recovery, I was already bored!! I was grateful for my iPad and used it continuously, watched a lot of television and ate dinner on the couch. By ten, the numbness was wearing off though and it was hurting a bit so I went to bed. I couldn’t walk on it at this point so I crawled upstairs took some Motrin, climbed into bed and went to sleep. After a fairly restful night I woke and it hurt. Motrin and icing it again are working though. I have been in the recliner for four hours and am restless yet again. I can’t get around as easily as yesterday. Too much tugging on my foot where the stitches are. Fortunately we have a pair of crutches so I am using them to get to the bathroom and Dave is taking good care of me. A guess a good thing about it hurting when I walk on it is that I will have to stay off of it like I am supposed to.  Tonight, I am hoping to see our cousins who are visiting from Nevada. The crutches will come in handy for that. As long as the pain stays away, it will be fine.

I just bought a new book for the kindle, Dave recorded a Little House on the Prairie marathon for me, there are lots of snacks to eat and it is raining outside so today will be a good day to stay inside. It will go by quickly I hope. Maybe soon, when I am swamped with work and activities I’ll think back to these few days and realize how lucky I was to just be laying around with nothing to do…Maybe.


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4 thoughts on “Being Idle

  1. Ana Reyes August 13, 2014 at 11:16 am Reply

    We have to be grateful for little blessings. Get well soon. Do you need anything?

  2. clairesinclair August 13, 2014 at 4:03 pm Reply

    Thank you Ana. I will be fine! Just hanging around watching too much television!!

  3. djgrrr17 August 13, 2014 at 6:07 pm Reply

    Feel better, Claire! Let me know if you need anything.

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