Home for Thanksgiving


Most nights, since we go to bed fairly early, Dave and I watch Fox 5 News, New York. Each night as it begins, they say, “Its 10pm, do you know where your children are?” For years, I always said, ‘Yup. Tucked into bed.” It became a bit of a routine. If I forgot to say it, Dave would. We do it almost every night. Then, DJ went off to college. After that, each time I heard those words I’d sigh, and say, “Well, I know where one of them is.” Once in awhile, jokingly, Dave will  go on his find my phone app, see where he is and say, “Yup. I do!”

I knew DJ was fine. He is loving college. He has known what he has wanted to do with his life and is off doing it! I am proud of him. For me, it is  just nostalgia – missing those days when the boys were little. When people say time flies, they aren’t kidding!

Yesterday, my brother Tim drove to Boston to pick DJ up for the Thanksgiving week. I was anticipating his arrival all day. They made great time until they hit New Jersey where traffic was a nightmare so he didn’t make it home by my 10pm news question.

Even though I am sure he will be out with friends, tonight when I hear those words on the news, at least I will be able to say, “Yup! I do!”

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