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In June, I wrote about a challenge I wanted to undertake, The #100happydays challenge.  I wrote about it, shared it and did it.  For a few days.   It is not that I gave up.  I do find things to be happy about everyday, I just forgot to write them down, and then lost count and just stopped writing them entirely.

Several friends took the challenge though, and everyday, I look forward to seeing their #happyday post on Twitter or Facebook.  Another friend is writing three things that made her happy everyday.  I am not sure how or when she started this challenge, but it brightens my day when I read her three things.  Some of them are simple and others more extreme.  I was thinking about doing that, but if I couldn’t keep up with one a day, how would I be able to do three?!?! Again, not that I couldn’t find three things to be happy about, it is the writing it down and keeping track of it.

Last night I had a conversation with a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile.  This morning, I sent her a quick note through Facebook telling her how much I enjoyed our conversation and time spent together last night.  As I drove to work, I was thinking about that.  It took a few seconds to send that message, but I hope that when it was received it gave her a smile this morning and a laugh recalling the funny story from the night before.

Maybe that’s something I could do.  Send a quick message to someone everyday, just to let them know I am thinking about them.  Nothing elaborate, just a brief message to say hello. and maybe pass along a compliment or bring a smile to the face of someone each day.  I am saying I want to do this…I am hoping that I can stick to it for a little while at least.  I have kept up with this blog everyday for over 17 months so I am not sure why it was so hard to do something as simple as #100happy days.  Let’s see what happens with this new idea.

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