College Visits


Our trip to Connecticut started off with me breaking the arm off my sunglasses before we even left Maplewood. My only pair. Not a great start for a sunny morning ride. I do not mind driving but I am not fond of driving in places where I have never been. Especially through New York City, where we needed to drive through in order to get to Connecticut. DJ was a great navigator and sat alongside me keeping me sane through traffic on The GW Bridge. I am almost embarrassed to say that I have really never driven in the city before. There’s been no reason for it. With the train in town I never have to take my car if I go in.

With only two places where we hit traffic, we actually made pretty good time. We are staying at a Residence Inn Marriott which allows us to have a mini suite so we aren’t all on top of each other. There is a pool so the boys swam last night even those it was pretty chilly out!! They didn’t care and had a blast since they were the only two in the water.

We spent most of yesterday visiting with my college roommate’s mom. She was an awesome host and took us all over New Haven and Hamden showing DJ around the colleges. He fell in love with Quinnipiac and we haven’t even had the formal tour yet. It helps that they have a nice hockey arena which sold both boys on the school! She also made us a delicious pasta dinner and she and I were able to catch up, as we hadn’t seen each other in close to twenty years.

Since our hotel offers a pretty nice complimentary breakfast, this morning, Drew filled up on waffles with chocolate chips and whipped cream. Not the healthiest, but it sure made him happy! My bowl of oatmeal paled in comparison.

We headed out early to Fairfield University. Both DJ and I loved the school. There was a lot of walking though and my foot was not quite ready for the challenge yet so I hobbled along behind the group. We walked so much I wore holes in the bottom of the slipper/shoe I wore since it is the only shoe that fits over the bandage on my foot. I guess it is flip flops for the rest of the trip. The adults in our tour were amused with Drew who was right behind our tour guide the entire time. I think he thought we were here for him! One man even jokingly asked which of my sons was here for the tour!

We weren’t able to arrange for a tour at Sacred Heart University, another interest of DJ’s, but since it was so close to Fairfield we went there anyway and got some literature on the school, walked a bit and drove around the campus. He wasn’t quite as impressed as he was with Fairfield. Tomorrow, we see The University of New Haven and have our official Quinnipiac tour.

Tonight I am going to take the boys to a minor league baseball game. There is a team in Bridgeport – The Bridgeport Bluefish. This hotel we are staying at has been a perfect central location. Right in the middle of everything we have wanted to do. We are mellowing out there now, playing Uno and watching The Little League World Series. I am enjoying this time with my boys. It has been a fun couple of days.


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