A Snowflake


The photo prompt for today, A Snowflake, made me shudder.  Last year at this time, we were digging our way out of snow nearly every week.  We have gotten lucky this year.  Just a tiny bit of snow that didn’t accumulate to much at all. Wasn’t even a nuisance.  There is no snow for me to photograph.  I have plenty of old photos from last year and snow storms prior, but I wanted to take a photo today.

I dug this out of my “January Bin” in my classroom.  I wouldn’t even hang them up this year.  I have several of these very large snowflakes that I usually hang up in the room but I really don’t want to face it this year so I have left them packed away in their bin – hibernating for another season I hope.

I know, it is still super early in the winter season and we have many weeks ahead of us.  Maybe in March I will be praying for a snow day. ONE.  No more than that.  We all need one of them once in awhile.  A day to stay in because we have to.  Nowhere to go, comfort food cooking and building a snowfort in the yard.  That is enough for me.  I don’t know if I could handle another winter like last year.

So, my glittery, cardboard snowflake will have to do for today because everything – even snowflakes – look better with glitter!

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